Best Things to Do in Sitka, Alaska

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best things to do in sitka

Sitka, Alaska.

Located in southeast Alaska, the small town of  Sitka is mostly known for its wildlife, stunning views and tribal culture. With a population under 10,000, there are many opportunities to get out and explore Sitka when visiting. While doing excursions with the cruise line are always a great way to do an organized tour, sometimes doing it on your own is a little cheaper.

Here are some of the best things to do in Sitka:

Sitka Tribal Tours. Learn about the Tlingit way of life and how they live with a tribal tour. Learn local facts, history, culture and a narrated tour with stops at the Sitka Cultural Center, Sitka National Historical Park and watch a dance at the Tribal Community House.

Fortress of the Bear. Almost one full acre of orphaned brown bear cubs that are in a rain forest environment where visitors can view the bears in their habitat. The price is $10 for adults and $4 for children.

Sitka Salmon Tour. Get a behind-the-scenes look that will give you a look at Sitka’s relationship with salmon and their commercial fishery.

Kayak Tour. Take a guided kayake adventure and explore “the coast less paddled.” You will kayak around Sitka sound and passengers extending to the north and south.

Flightseeing Tour. Board a plane and head out to a remote lake to take lots of pictures, seeing seals, bears and whales along the way. Prices start at $105 per person (minimum 2 people). Transportation is available from pier.

Dive and Snorkel. Gear up in a dry suit snorkel the bottom of the sea floor. This our lasts approximately three hours and include one hour of water time. This is a perfect excursion to check out the water wildlife of Alaska while staying comfortable. Email: for details.


  • Sitka is a tender port so make sure you get off the ship early to maximize your day.
  • Enjoy some local seafood, consider a Halibut burger (pricy $20) but delicious.
  • Free wifi is available right off the pier at the Sitka Welcome Center and Public Library.
  • A local coffee shop that is three blocks from the pier is Highliners, this off-the-path shop has great steaming brews and a 90-minute (blazing fast) wifi code with purchase.

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