7 Ways Friday is Like a Cruise

Everyone loves Friday, because it marks the beginning of your longest break before you have to go back to work. You’re free to relax and enjoy your time doing what you want, just like on a cruise ship. Here are seven ways cruising is like Friday.

1. You made it

In those last few hours on Friday afternoon, most of us start to question whether the weekend will ever truly arrive. Cruisers know the same painful anticipation of waiting for their sailing, checking their cruise countdowns every day and wondering if time has in fact slowed down. But before you know it, it’s time to go.

2. No work tomorrow

Or the next day. Or the next few days, in fact. And not just the work you’re paid to do… you don’t have to cook or clean either. Kick your feet up, lie back, and enjoy the freedom.

3. Catch up with friends and family

Everyone has been busy all week running around to work, the gym, doctor appointments, soccer practice – the list goes on. But finally it’s Friday, and your friends and family have cleared their schedules to come together and catch up. A cruise offers the same opportunity for everyone to free their schedules to come together to laugh and make memories.

4. You can let loose

No work = no worries. Meet up with some friends for trivia, play some mini golf, hit the casino, bar hop, catch a show. You can stay out late and enjoy yourself, because you don’t have to wake up for anything tomorrow. You are on your own time.

5. Time to treat yourself

Friday may be a cheat day, but a cruise is cheat week. You’ve worked hard to be here, and now it’s time to reward yourself for your efforts. Book that spa appointment, get a massage on the beach in port, or go for that cheesecake for dessert.

6. Your plans probably include drinking

After a long, hard week, Friday night calls for a beverage. Whether that’s a glass of wine at home or a cocktail at a bar with friends, you’ve earned the right to relax.

7. Everyone is in a good mood

Maybe it’s because it’s casual day and everyone has shown up in a tshirt and jeans, but there is a distinct lightheartedness in the office on a Friday. The same goes for a cruise. Everyone is hanging out in their flip flops and sun hats, and it’s hard to be in a bad mood when everyone else around you is making the most of their vacation.

How is Friday like a cruise to you? Let us know!

Featured photo: Flickr/Creative Commons

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