Oasis of the Seas Sky Suite Review 2024 [PODCAST]

In this podcast episode, Allison recounts her family’s seven-night Caribbean adventure on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. She details their pre-cruise stay in Miami, smooth embarkation, and the benefits of their grand suite.

Dining was a breeze with special access to Coastal Kitchen and avoidance of busier areas like the Windjammer. Allison praises the ship’s entertainment, especially kid-friendly options, and appreciates the smoke-free casino.

The itinerary included enjoyable stops like Saint Thomas and Perfect Day at CocoCay, where family amenities were a hit. Her experience offers insights for families seeking a seamless cruise with children.

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  • Pre-cruise Thoughts (00:00:47) Allison discusses her decision to choose the Oasis of the Seas based on kid-friendliness, itinerary, and departure port.
  • Pre-cruise Time in Miami (00:02:00) Allison shares her experience staying at the Intercontinental in Miami, including its amenities and proximity to the port.
  • Embarkation Experience (00:04:14) Allison describes the smooth embarkation process and highlights the new touches at Royal Caribbean’s newest terminal.
  • Suite Lounge and Express Embarkation (00:05:10) Allison talks about the benefits of being in the suite class, including access to the suite lounge and express embarkation.
  • First Impressions of the Grand Suite (00:08:09) Allison shares her positive impressions of the grand suite, including its amenities and benefits for suite guests.
  • Perks of Sky Class (00:09:45) Allison discusses the various benefits of being in the sky class, such as complimentary Wi-Fi, exclusive access to a beach club, and complimentary beer and wine.
  • Dining in Coastal Kitchen (00:12:51) Allison discusses her dining experience at Coastal Kitchen, a special dining room for suite guests, and the advantages of dining with kids in this setting.
  • Avoiding the Windjammer and Dining Alternatives (00:14:51) Discussion on avoiding the Windjammer due to managing children and opting for alternative dining options like El Loco Fresh and the Dog House.
  • Healthy Dining Options and Drink Packages (00:16:12) Tips for providing healthy options for kids, utilizing smoothies from the Vitality Cafe, and not purchasing drink packages.
  • Entertainment for Kids and Suite Benefits (00:18:44) Overview of entertainment options for kids, including unplanned performances, Adventure Ocean activities, and suite benefits for seating.
  • Casino Experience and Port Crowds (00:20:44) Experience at the smoke-free casino and managing crowds during port days.
  • Pool Deck and Splash Pad Experience (00:22:09) Description of the pool deck amenities, including baby splash zones and observation of the pool deck as an experience for kids.
  • Port of Call: Saint Thomas and Perfect Day (00:26:12) Experience at the Saint Thomas port and the family-friendly amenities at Perfect Day, including the pirate ship structure and Oasis Lagoon pool.
  • Exploring the Beaches (00:29:21) Allison talks about the various beaches and activities available at the port of call.
  • Dining Options at the Port (00:30:04) Discussion about food options at the port and the experience of trying different foods.
  • Port Experience and Ship Comparison (00:31:00) Comparison of the experience with two ships at the port and the ease of finding space and amenities.
  • Demarcation Process (00:31:46) The process of disembarking from the ship and the benefits of the sky class suite.
  • Tips for Cruising with Children (00:32:55) Alison shares tips for cruising with children under five and her vlog for parents.
  • Kid-Friendly Features on Oasis (00:34:00) Alison shares a tip for traveling with children on Oasis and highlights the benefits of the sky class.
  • Highlights and Final Thoughts (00:34:38) Discussion of the highlights of the cruise and final thoughts on the Oasis of the Seas experience.

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