Final Look: Remembering Crown Princess and Her History [PHOTOS]

crown princess ship

In human terms, 1990 really doesn’t seem that long ago. But for cruise ships in the COVID era, that thirty year milestone has marked an ominous rite of passage. One of the latest and most striking casualties of the ongoing pandemic is the Karnika, which recently beached at Alang, India, for scrapping. If this unique […]

Last Look: Remembering Carnival Imagination [PHOTOS]

Carnival Cruise Line

In the early part of September 2020, the Carnival Imagination became the latest vessel to be run ashore at Aliaga, Turkey, where she is being stripped and prepared for demolition. In what is now becoming a distressingly familiar final maneuver, Carnival Imagination was rammed through a narrow opening between her partially demolished sister, Carnival Fantasy […]

Last Look: Remembering Carnival Inspiration


Even though she wasn’t particularly unique, groundbreaking, or exceedingly beautiful, there were nonetheless pangs of shock and sadness when the Carnival Inspiration made her final, gut-wrenching maneuver onto the shores of the increasingly busy scrapyard at Aliaga, Turkey in mid-2020.  Video footage shot by her officers and crew show the ship literally wedging between her […]

Last Look: Sovereign of the Seas [PHOTOS]

In a sad and grisly fate that eventually claims nearly every ship, Sovereign, formerly known as Sovereign of the Seas, is ending her days at Aliaga, a scrapyard near the city of Izmir on Turkey’s Aegean coast.  Barely two weeks after the ship was intentionally run ashore in late July of 2020, her graceful bow has already […]

Last Look: Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas [PHOTOS]

Royal Caribbean Monarch Ship

Like other much-loved ships we’ve had to say farewell to in recent weeks, Monarch of the Seas has taken her final voyage. While the ship — which had many loyal fans over the years — would have met this sad fate eventually, as do they all, we can’t help but feel she was felled prematurely […]