Celebrity Cruises Offers Ship Bedding at Home

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reflection2 Modern luxury line Celebrity Cruises has joined forces with Reverie®, the producer of its innovative onboard sleep system, to offer guests the same sweet dreams they enjoy onboard Celebrity’s luxury cruise ships, in their homes. A new online retail program now gives luxury-seekers the opportunity to buy Reverie® Dream Sleep SystemTM, exclusive Celebrity eXhale linens, Reverie pillows, and other bedroom accessories.

Celebrity’s onboard sleep program was designed to provide guests with modern, technology-enabled luxury. The mattresses are made with natural rubber and bamboo – sustainable materials that are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and dust mite-resistant. Exclusively designed linens also enhance a good night’s sleep.

The items can be purchased at www.celebrityexhalebedding.com.

Through the end of the year, consumers can enjoy $200 off any mattress or sleep system purchase, by using code BESTBED1, and 10% off eXhale linens with code TENOFF.

Source: Celebrity

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