La Cucina Specialty Dining Review on Norwegian Cruise Line

A review of La Cucina specialty dining on Norwegian Cruise Line. While cruising aboard the Norwegian Gem, I was able to get the dining package as a “Free-at-Sea” item. My cruise was 11 days long which meant that the package was for four dinners. I wanted to try as many of the specialty restaurants as possible […]

Ready, Set, Cruise: How To Eat Like a Local

I confess this topic is one I don’t have a lot of experience in. I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but the last few times I visited Europe on a cruise, I stayed in internet cafés or bars in ports and didn’t really sample much of the local cuisine. So I’m definitely looking for some […]

Cruise Dining Options A Glorious Answer To Prayers, Not A Bogus Extra Fee

Surely, how much one enjoys the food on a cruise is a matter of personal taste and so very subjective by nature that we rarely mention it here in more than in grand sweeping gestures and generalities. For example, the price of every cruise available that we know of includes food.  Some sort of food.  Usually […]