Why I Love Cruising

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Yesterday at work someone asked me:
Why do you love cruising so much?
I couldn’t help but laugh as I gave him a laundry list of reasons.
  1. Everything is all inclusive
  2. You only have to unpack once
  3. It’s impossible to get a DUI on a cruise ship!
  4. Where else can you walk out of your back door and basically spit in the ocean?
  5. Does someone clean your room twice a day at home?
  6. Where else can you wake up in a different city every day (without teleporting)?
  7. If you want to work out, there is no gym membership required
After I started rattling off a few, he told me he got the point and may look into cruising in the future. 
The fact of the matter is, no matter if you are eight or eighty, there is something for everyone on a cruise ship. 
What other reasons can you think of on why cruising is so great?

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