5 places for cruise passengers to grab free WiFi in Nassau, Bahamas

Norwegian Sky docked in Nassau, Bahamas.

Let’s face it, in 2012, there isn’t a lot of people who can go on vacation and be totally disconnected. You do have WiFi options like paying .75 cents a minute on the cruise ship but lets be honest, who wants to do that?

Some of the cheapest (and free) WiFi will be available at the ports your cruise ship calls to.

Most hotels and resorts offer free WiFi but only to their guests.

So where’s the free WiFi in Nassau, Bahamas?


1. Festival Place: Right when you get off the cruise ship, go to the center of the shopping plaza (you have to walk through it to leave) and you can grab some free WiFi. This is one of the most popular spots so don’t expect top speed.

2. Dunkin Donuts: Located right off of Bay Street, a lot of crew members go here to Skype and call home because of the strong bandwidth.

3. Conch Fritters: You can’t go to Nassau without getting seafood or conch fritters, right? You can expect to pay about $10 a plate for some local seafood and you can jump on the free WiFi, too. Located off Blue Hill Road in Nassau. All the locals can direct you to this popular venue.

4. McDonalds: Located on West Bay Street, just a short walking distance from the cruise pier. This is pretty much standard at all McDonalds.

5. Cable Beach Casino: If you want to spend the day at Cable Beach and soak up the sun, you can grab some free wireless in the lobby of Cable Beach Casino.

One I didn’t list because it wasn’t free when I was there last year is Starbucks. They charged $3 an hour back then but had a really strong signal. It’s super convenient and a stones throw away from the cruise pier.

If you have any questions on how to find any of these place, just ask. All these hot spots are very popular with the crew. You may even consider asking a crew-member where they go to jump online.


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Source: Doug Parker/Cruise Radio

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  • Lyubomir Angelov

    The Starbucks still charge 3$/hour but the connection is far far away from solid, fast or anything similar to that. Awful connection at 3$/hour is kind of shame for Starbucks merchandise. I even wonder how the chain allows such outlets to exist and spoil it’s reputation.