5 Reasons Cruise Photo Galleries Will Go Digital

Isn’t it about time cruise ships moved to digital photos?

If you’ve sailed on any of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class or Quantum-class ships, you’ve probably noticed their new way of selling your portraits. Instead of the ships printing off thousands of photographs for cruisers to waste time digging through, they have come up with a new way to make all your photos digital.

1. No photo hunting required

On the Oasis-class and Quantum-class ships, when you walk up to have your photo taken by one of the ship’s photographers, he/she asks for your SeaPass card. The photographer simply swipes it into the camera and hands it back to you. To view your photos, the ship has photo kiosks where all you have to do is insert your SeaPass card to view your photos. This cuts out the annoying task of having to sift through thousands of printed pictures displayed on the walls.

2. You can pick your print size

Sometimes you may pick up a print in an 8×10 when you’d rather have it in a smaller size like a 5×7. By using the kiosk, you can select what size you want to print the photo in rather than being stuck with what’s been printed already.

3. Saves time

As mentioned, this saves everyone time from bumping elbows with fellow cruisers while trying to sort through thousands of photos. It also saves the crew a lot of time from printing, sorting, organizing, and displaying them.

4. Saves space

Think of the space that it takes to display these thousands of printed photos. On some Carnival ships it takes up an entire hallway in the atrium. By replacing these photo walls with digital kiosks, the cruise ships could instead use that space for something else, like another bar or specialty restaurant, thereby generating more revenue.

5. Environmentally friendly

Every cruise, thousands upon thousands of photos are printed out – the majority of which end up in the receptacle bins. The money and materials saved in paper and ink alone could save the cruise lines big money and would be much better for the environment – two things cruise lines are always looking to accomplish. Maybe that would drive down what they charge for the photos? Well, we can only hope.

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