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7 Types of People You’ll Find in the Airport

A delayed flight will really show someone’s true colors. Currently, I am sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth airport on my way back to Jacksonville, and our flight is 30-minutes

Why Vacations Matter

By Sarah Phillips Moms are pretty good at giving advice (yes, Dads are too) and one piece of advice my Mom gave me really stuck with me: Vacations matter; Vacation

4 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Going on vacation can be expensive. While people need to go on vacation to relax and recharge from a busy working year, the cost associated with traveling turns many people

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5 Ways to Get Jet Lag

We all know the ways to avoid jet lag, and most of us don’t listen to them one bit – so I give you, ways to get jet lag. Drink

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6 Rules of Flying

Flying these days certainly isn’t fun, but unless we want to spend countless hours in a car or days on a ship, it’s kind of necessary. 1. Be prepared for

5 Tips to Survive an Airport Layover

This fall I’m going to be traveling an estimated 17,000 air miles. That’s a lot of airports, and flying out of Jacksonville, that’s a lot of layovers. There are a

5 Tips for Flight Survival

Most cruise ports (well the major ones anyway) are in the south and more specifically Florida. While a lot of cruises live within driving distance for ports, a lot more

Post Cruise Option: Future of Flight Seattle

If you’re cruising out of Seattle and want to check out a cool pre- or post-cruise option. The Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour offers the only opportunity

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