11 Reasons to Leave the Country… and Cruise

Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. Independent. Election Day 2016 is now in the books! But most importantly, wave season starts in January.

What is wave season?

Wave season is the first three months of the year when cruise lines offer massive discounts, all while berthing nearly 75 percent of their inventory for the year. It’s an important time for the budget conscious cruiser, and the cruise line.

So here are 11 reasons to leave the country!….and cruise. 🙂

1. Pricing is Crazy Cheap

Have you seen the prices on some of the cruises out there right now? Norwegian has three-night sailings for as low as $99 while other lines, like Carnival, have five-night cruises for under $200. You’ll spend more than that going out of town for the weekend!

2. All-Inclusive Factor

I know, cruises aren’t technically all-inclusive if you’re counting alcohol, excursions, and specialty venues – but when you package it up with all your meals, room and entertainment – it kind of does have an all-inclusive aspect and feel.  If you really want an all-inclusive cruise including things like excursions and cocktails, Viking Ocean Cruises include most everything, as do most river cruise lines.

3. Different Port Daily

Instead of waking up in the same hotel room on land and seeing the same groundskeeper doing his daily routine, why not wake up in a different port every day? No other vacation lets you leave from one place and see the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, or Europe, all while having only unpacked once.

4. Bucket List Adventures

There are certain things you can only do if you’re on a cruise and not at a land resort. While a land resort has some cool activities like diving, drinking, zip lining, and boating, a cruise lets you take it to the next level. On a recent Alaska cruise I was able to hike Mendenhall Glacier via helicopter, go whale watching, take part in an all-you-can-eat Alaskan King Crab feast in Ketchikan, and see a glacier cave in Glacier Bay, all in a week.

5. The Service is Better

When it comes to the service you get on a cruise compared to a service at a hotel, it can’t be compared. On a cruise the waiter remembers what you drink with your meals, knows your food allergies, and takes the time to get to know you. But it just doesn’t stop with the food. The room stewards are pretty awesome too.

6. Never Ending Sunsets

…and sunrises if you’re an early bird. Every cruise I say I’m going to catch the sunrise the next morning and every morning I turn the alarm off at six o’clock and roll back over. The beds are just that comfortable.  But the sunsets are always a don’t-miss!

7. All You Can Eat

It’s no secret that I like to eat. On a cruise you can get whatever you want and how much you want to eat. Dine on your own terms.

8. Ships Are Smart

Don’t believe me? Check out the robotic bartender on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas or the DreamScape atrium centerpiece on Carnival Vista. Cruise ships are floating technology wonderlands and theme parks in and of themselves these days.

9. The Ship is Home Base

After a day of exploring ports of call, it’s good to come back to a place where people speak your language, know what you want, and where you can be around like-minded travelers.

10. Family Friendly

Odds are good that no matter what ship or itinerary you pick, there’s going to be something for everyone in your family.  Almost every large ocean-going cruise ship nowadays has multiple venues just for kids and teens, filled with fun games, coordinated activities, and spaces to just hang out after a long day in port.  But the fun for families doesn’t stop in the dedicated kid’s clubs – ships boast all kinds of features for families to do things together.  Some examples are ropes courses, surfing simulators, stage shows, interactive dining, deck parties, and parades.

11. Life is Just Better at Sea

You know that feeling on a vacation when you first catch a glimpse of the ocean after a long time of being away? There’s nothing quite like it. On a cruise, you get to keep that feeling most all day every single day, watching the waves, glimpsing some birds in flight, and the amazing sunsets. Who wouldn’t want the feeling of freedom that comes with an endless horizon?

After reading this, if you still want to flee to Canada, here is the immigration website.

Written in conjunction with Sarah Bretz.

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