5 Best Tips for Cruise Ship Spa Savings

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Cruise ships offer luxury, relaxation, and pampering at their top-of-the-line spas. These cruise ship spas can be a sticker shock due to their prices. Some services can even be almost double their land-based counterparts.

Since relaxation is an important part of a vacation, here are some ways to save money at the spa on your next cruise:

massage treatment room celebrity edge
(Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)

5 Best Tips for Cruise Ship Spa Savings

1. Enter the spa raffle

Most cruise lines offer tours on embarkation day, including the spa. In addition to the tour, most cruise lines provide raffles during the sail.

In my experience, I won a workout session with personal trainers, seaweed wraps, and massages. So try joining a raffle; it doesn’t hurt to try one.

2. Check your daily newsletter

Every day, you’ll get a newsletter with your daily activities and important information you need to know. Also contained in that newsletter are daily spa deals or other specials. Sometimes these deals can offer great value. So be sure to read the deals of the day and be ready to pamper yourself.

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3. Attend seminars

Seminars on cruise ships offer important information you can take away, and most of the time, you’ll get a special offer on a treatment. I once attended a skincare seminar. I didn’t learn much, but I got a relaxing facial with almost $30 off.

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4. Book the first day

Most cruise lines offer a discount on spa treatments if you’re willing to book on embarkation day. That’s good for you and a great relaxing start on your vacation.

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(Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line)

5. Book on port days

Can’t book on your first day? No big deal.

Check out your plans and use your free time on a port day to book a treatment. There are many discounts you can find, especially during your first day.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you have savings so you can unwind and relax in spas without breaking the bank. What’s your favorite spa treatment to enjoy on a cruise?

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This article was originally published in October 2013. It was updated and republished in July 2023.

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