5 Best Places to Catch a Sunset at Sea

There’s nothing quite as amazing as witnessing a sunset at sea. A truly humbling scene, ocean view sunsets are one of the many reasons so many enjoy the experience of a cruise more versus a land-based vacation. That being said, here are five of the best places to catch a sunset while at sea.

1. Top Decks

Whether you’re on the lido deck or you’ve trekked up to the highest deck on the ship, soaking up the sunset from the top decks of the ship is one of the best ways to watch a sunset given the panoramic views. And with many cruisers having gone to their staterooms to get ready for dinner, the decks are usually empty of crowds, with endless chairs available to lounge in. Or better yet – hop into one of the hot tubs while you enjoy the sky’s changing colors.

2. Aft

The view off the aft (back) of the ship is picturesque in and of itself, and adding a sunset over the ocean’s horizon to the frame makes for a magical and breathtaking vista – especially if the sun happens to be setting behind the ship. If you’re lucky enough to see a sight like that, be sure not to miss it.

3. The “Secret” Deck

Almost every ship has that “secret” lower deck, usually located on Deck 3, that is covered under the shelter of the lifeboats. In fact, there’s nothing secret about it; it just so happens that most cruisers are more inclined to head to higher decks where the activities and food are. But thanks to its lack of traffic, this deck is a quiet, serene spot to escape the hustle and bustle. The deck’s proximity to the water gives it a unique angle on sunset viewing that makes you feel like you’re almost right on the water’s surface, and is made even more unique by the sound of the water and the occasional sea spray.

4. Adults-Only Deck

These days, almost every ship has an adults-only deck where adult travelers can go for some extra peace and quiet. This deck also makes for the perfect place to order a drink, grab a lounge chair, and watch the sun go down. Depending on the ship, you may even find a cabana or a hammock on this deck. Between the private feel of the deck and the tranquility of the sunset, the experience is practically therapeutic.

5. While Dining

You probably heard on a recent Cruise Radio episode that travel expert Nancy Schretter sailed on Carnival Vista and booked a Fahrenheit 555 steakhouse reservation with an outside table overlooking the sea. Nancy timed it just right and was able to watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine and a superb cut of steak. Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to enjoy a sunset than accompanied by fine dining and good company!

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