5 Reasons a Bargain Cruise May Be in Your Future

If there’s one thing we love more than cruising, it’s saving a little — or a lot — on the price! And while it’s almost impossible to predict the future, with or without a crystal ball, there are some indications that there could be some price drops ahead. Why, and how can you take advantage of them? Read on!

1. Zika Fears

Sometimes, good things come out of bad situations. So while the spread of the Zika virus has led to concern on the part of some travelers — and even led the CDC to issue a travel warning about popular cruise port Miami — it could lead to some folks getting good bargains. If folks decide to cancel or postpone their trips until a later date, it could result in last-minute deals on cabins. It could also mean that cruises to some destinations may find themselves with fewer bookings, which again could lead to bargains for those for whom Zika isn’t a concern.

2. Stock Price Fluctuations

The day after the CDC issued its Zika-related travel advisory regarding Miami, shares of Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival stocks all fell between two and six percent. Now, this isn’t a huge drop, and the market obviously fluctuates from day to day. But should stock prices fail to bounce back or, worst case scenario, fall lower, this could result in lines offering deals designed to help boost the numbers. After all, going on a cruise is a lot like going to the movies: You’re probably going to buy stuff while you’re there. So even if the cost of cruising is lowered, they can make it up elsewhere.

3. Sales Galore

If you’re flexible when it comes to everything from when you want to sail to the line and ship you travel on, it’s almost impossible not to find a sale. Maybe the offer takes the form of a reduced overall price, or maybe it comes in the form of great perks. But by doing a little checking around, you’re sure to find something.

4. Supply and Demand

We all studied it in school, but how does it apply here? Simple. You know those new ships that we all get excited about? They are creating more and more availability where cabins are concerned. And yes, you’re going to pay top dollar to sail on the newest, biggest, most jaw-dropping ship. But if you look at some of the older, smaller ships, you’re likely to find a great price. Think of it like hand-me-downs: Sure, the big sibling is getting all the flashy new clothes, but if you can rock last year’s fashions, you’ll probably wind up with extra cash in your pockets.

5. Our Help

Like you, we’re always looking for great prices on the cruises we love. It’s why we’ll often report on good sales, reduced deposits and more. It’s also why we created this handy-dandy video which will help you track the price of cruises you’ve booked (or are interested in booking) in order to maximize your savings!

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