5 Things You May Not Know About Disney Cruise Line

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Written by Sarah Phillips

You might know Disney, but how well do you know Disney Cruise Lines? For example, did you know that Disney Cruise Line is the trading name of Magical Cruise Company Limited?

Disney Cruise Lines set sail in 1998 with the Disney Magic. Disney Wonder followed the next year. Disney Dream came along in 2011 and Disney Fantasy in 2012. Even though Disney Cruise Line only owns and operates 4 cruise ships, it’s estimated they own nearly 3% of the worldwide cruise market.



5 fun facts you may not know about Disney Cruise Line:

  1. The ships are inspired by Mickey Mouse. When designing the ships, Disney got their inspiration from the colors most associated with Mickey Mouse: black, red, white and yellow. They created a special black for the hull of the ships, the funnels are classic red and white. Is throughout the ship. But, where to put the yellow? SOLAS (safety of life at sea) requires a bright orange lifeboat so it’s easily seen from a distance. But to get the right look, Disney went to the Coast Guard and got special permission to have yellow life boats. The rest is history.
  1. Mickey Whistles. Disney cruise ships don’t have an average horn. In fact, the horns on Disney Cruise ships play notes from Disney songs. All of the ships use the first seven notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream each play 6 different Disney songs – including the second line of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”


  1. Fireworks at Sea. Disney – famous for their stunning nightly fireworks – was the very first cruise to feature fireworks at sea. Typically featured on Pirate Night, the fireworks are the grand finale of the evening’s fun. Set to a fun soundtrack, the fireworks really light up the night sea sky.


  1. Animated Godmothers. The ships of Disney have some pretty talented – and animated godmothers. Tinker Bell is the godmother of the Disney Wonder. This marks the first time in cruise history that an animated character holds the title of ship’s godmother. Other godmothers include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and Patricia Disney.

Captain Mickey on the Disney Magic

  1. Most Cruise ships have one captain. Disney ships have 4 captains: the ship’s real captain, Captain Mickey, Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow. All guests – and the rum – should feel safe with that many captains aboard the ship.


So, did you learn something new about Disney Cruise Line? Here’s one more fun fact: Walt Disney loved sailing and cruising, even spending his honeymoon at sea. How many of these did you know? Have you ever sailed Disney Cruise Line before?

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photos: Disney

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