5 Rules for Gambling on Cruises

The flashing bright lights, sounding alarms, and people hollering all draw us in like bugs to light. These are strategic plays that the casinos use to bring people in. While there are no strategies to gambling, here are some tips for the next time you find yourself walking through the cruise ship casino. Before you cruise, you can try your pre-cruise gaming skills at All Slots online casino.

1. Slot machines are not your friend

The cruise line is not in the business to give money away, they are in the money making business! Although they are fun, colorful, and make a lot of noises, you have the lowest chance of walking away with money when playing a slot machine than you do when trying your luck on the tables. Although, if you’re feeling lucky (people tend to have the most luck the first night of the cruise), give it a spin and see how far it’ll go. You can always walk away. But know when to walk away!

2. Note the slot machine location

If you are going to play a slot machine, location matters when it comes to picking out which one you are going to pour money into. You seldom hear machines in the back corners going off. The machines located in the middle of the casino right on the ends where everyone walks by tend to hit the most, or at least make the most noise. Casinos want to draw people in. What better way than to make the most visible ones showcase some winnings while crowds walk by.

3. Take it easy with the drinks

You don’t want to wake up the next morning with a headful of regrets or an empty bank account. While gambling and drinking go hand in hand, beware of the amount you are consuming while throwing your money in. Drinking tends to give you a more carefree attitude, and can even make you lose track of the amount you have put down. There is a reason that big casinos offer free drinks while gambling.

4. Bet the minimum to start

If you are excited about the opportunity to win some money but don’t have the funds to just throw down the drain, my recommendation is to bet low or test your luck with All Slots online casino. You can still hit big playing minimum bets and if not, at least you get to play longer and enjoy yourself.

5. Know when to walk

There is always that “what if” feeling when you leave a table or machine. What if the next hand wins it for me? What if I leave the slot and someone else sits down and hits on it? We always want more. Yes you could keep playing and hit big, or make your money back, but you are more likely to put all of it back or knock yourself even further into the negatives. Learn to accept the loss, or, when you do get up, be satisfied with your winnings and go cash in. You will be thankful later.

What tips do you have for cruise gamblers?

Written by: Jen Martin

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