5 WiFi Hotspots in Grand Turk

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The first thing a 21st-century cruiser does when they get off their ship is go searching for a wi-fi hotspot. If you’re arriving into Grand Turk you can consider yourself lucky because there are a few wi-fi options within walking distance to the pier.

Here are five wi-fi Hotspots in Grand Turk.

1. Margaritaville

As you step off the ship and turn left, you can’t help but run into Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. The wi-fi here is free but, depending on how many cruise passengers are in port, it can be something really slow.

Advice: If you use What’s App for texting, it can be a lot faster than using iMessage or Facebook Messenger.

2. Froot’s

If healthy eating is your thing, you can order a smoothie or wrap at this pier-side establishment. Everything is made fresh to order; with the cuisine being their own take on American food. The wi-fi here is free but tends to be slow due to the large number of people using it.
Advice: The later in the day you go, the better and stronger the wireless connection will be.

3. Jack’s Shack

This is probably one of the coolest places on Grand Turk for fun in the sun. Just down the beach from all the tourists and the cruise port sits this little gem of an island bar and grill. In addition to free wi-fi, you can relax with a drink, take a dip in the ocean, or soak in the sun on a beach chair. If you want a place to relax with a genuine island atmosphere, hit up Jack’s Shack.
Advice: The wifi is free but password protected. They will give you the password at the main bar with the purchase of anything. 

4. White Sands Beach Resort

This resort is near the cruise port as well (right next to Margaritaville) and has free wifi for anyone to use. You can even settle in for a meal while you’re there, or enjoy the sunshine in one of the many beach chairs.
Advice: White Sands offers day-passes to cruisers and free wifi. It is located only a walk away from the Grand Turk Cruise Terminal.

5. Victoria Public Library

This historic library is a cab ride away from the port. Located in the historic center of Cockburn, the Victoria public library is good for people who might enjoy a little more quiet, and don’t mind taking a cab. The wi-fi is free, and the library is located on the corner of Victoria and Front streets.
Advice: You can’t miss the little pink library – about a 10-minute cab ride from the cruise pier.

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