6 Surprising Things to Bring on your Next Cruise

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Bring Dr. Pepper (or your favorite soda) onboard with you.

You can’t bring many things on a cruise ship with you. Some are pretty obvious: firearms, weapons, candles, etc., but you might be surprised by some of the things you really can and should bring on board with you.

1. Wine

I know, surprising, right? But most major cruise lines let you bring some wine on board with you. Carnival allows one bottle of wine per person (over 21). And so do Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Princess and Celebrity. If you’re unsure about your specific cruise line, call them or check their FAQ online. So if you have a special bottle or celebration, bring your wine (and a bottle opener unless you want to pay a corkage fee to the cruise line).

2. Soda

This one’s a little less surprising but not something many cruisers are aware of. Instead of paying almost $3 a soda each time you get a craving onboard, you can bring it with you. I’ve often brought a 6 or 12-pack of Dr. Pepper with me. Ice is free, so I enjoy my soda fix and save the extra charges on my card. This also applies to your favorite juices or sports drinks.

3. Power Strip

Ah, the subject of much scrutiny by the cruise lines recently. For a while, some cruise lines said no to power strips. But now, for the most part, the cruise lines allow you to bring them on board. With very limited electrical outlets in the cabins, this is so helpful for charging smartphones, cameras, tablets and using hair dryers and flat irons.

4. Duct Tape

Even on vacation, this is amazing stuff. We’ve covered just how useful duct tape can be. A high-level overview – clothing fixer, towel holder, curtain closer, and suitcase fixer.

5. Alarm Clock

I always assumed these would be provided just like in most hotels. However, most cruise lines do NOT provide these for you. Most of us use our smartphones as alarm clocks, but this won’t work on a cruise ship where you don’t get service. So if getting up at a certain time is important, bring that travel alarm clock.

6. Ziploc Bags

We know they’re useful for traveling through airports with small toiletries, but their use doesn’t end there. They’re great for holding wet clothes, keeping clothes dry, protecting smartphones and important travel docs, and keeping small things together. Bring a few extra in different sizes with you, and you’ll be surprised just how useful they are.

What are some things to bring on your cruise that most people wouldn’t expect? What do you leave at home?

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