7 Things You’ll See at the Sail-Away Party

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The sail-away party is one of the best parts of a cruise, because it means your vacation has officially kicked off!

There’s nothing but sun and fun ahead, so kick back, relax, and enjoy the cruise. But before you sail, these are 7 things you’ll see at the sail-away party.

1. DJ/Band

It wouldn’t be a sail-away party without music. Whether the ship has a live band or a DJ, the beats will surely be bumping by the time the ship’s horn even blows.

2. Drink of the Day

Although they’ve only finished serving the last round of cruisers just hours beforehand, the crew are already happily coming around to you to serve the Drink of the Day, which is often served in a cool keepsake cup like a fake coconut or a disco ball, which you of course have to have.

3. Dancing

With the music rocking and the drinks flowing, it’s no surprise that the dancing follows suit. Don’t be shy; you’re on vacation now! What happens on the cruise stays on the cruise.

4. Smiles

Vacation has officially started! Whether you walked right onto the ship or had to go through a nightmare at the airports trying to get from A to B, the point is that you’re here and the party is starting. Leave any stress in the past where it belongs and smile!

5. Food

For many cruisers, their first stop once they board the ship is the buffet. Try to beat the crowds to grab a plate and fill up, and then hit the dance floor to burn it all off!

6. Swimsuits

It doesn’t matter if you are cruising, for example, out of Galveston in January and it’s 45 degrees outside – there are guaranteed to be northern “snow birds” there ready to soak up the sun who have already changed into their swimming suits before the ship has even left the dock.

7. People Waving from the Pier

If you look out over the ship, you’ll likely see hundreds of people near the pier and on nearby hotel balconies waving to you as your ship sails away. They are probably wishing they were sailing away too, so be sure to wave back.

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