8 Things to Do at Castaway Cay

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castaway cay disney cruise line island
Docking at Castaway Cay. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

Disney Cruise Line’s island Castaway Cay is among the best cruise line private islands anywhere. The pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water attract cruise guests back again and again.

In true Disney spirit, there’s also a ton to do there, and there will be something for everyone.  

Whether you enjoy sporty activities, thrilling adventures, or want to relax for a day, Castaway Cay’s has something for you. Here are eight things to do at Castaway Cay.

Be a beach bum

family beach castaway cay bahamas
Daisy Castaway Cay. (Doug Parker/Cruise Radio)

Castaway Cay offers a beach for visitors of all ages. If you want to spend time with your young ones and enjoy some family time in the water, the Family Beach is the perfect option. It is located closest to all of the activities and is equipped with comfortable loungers and ample waterfront area for a fun-filled day of frolicking in the waves.

There’s also a huge floating platform within swimming distance from shore with two water slides, a dumping water bucket, and other water features.

For a quieter beach scene, adults 18+ can head to Serenity Bay to enjoy some alone time and even get a relaxing massage.

My take: The best beach is Family Beach, with its proximity to the ship. But if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, consider the adults-only Serenity Bay.

Play in the water park

waterpark castaway cay disney cruise line

Aside from the Pelican Plunge floating platform mentioned above, there’s also a play area for kids on land called Spring-a-Leak.  

Designed to look like the remnants of a washed-away beach dwelling, there are dripping pipes, hissing misters, and broken plumbing that will provide plenty of cooling-off fun for the kids.

My take: This is for kids of all ages. We went down the slides at least six times on our visit. There were passengers from eight to 80, so don’t let it intimidate you. But you do have to swim out to the slides!

Run a 5k

airport castaway cay disney island
The old runway is part of the Castaway Cay 5K. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

Not many people realize that each and every time a ship calls to Castaway Cay, there’s a 5k in the morning on the island.

You hop off the ship with the group and can be on the island before almost everyone else. Participants can run, jog, walk, whatever – it’s more of a completion 5k versus a race.

Once you’re finished, you earn a rubber medal to show your efforts! Then, you have the rest of the day to cool off and enjoy the island.

My take: I think it’s a neat way to start your Castaway Cay day bright and early and get some exercise, too. You get to run on the old runway on the island, which is an added perk.

(Note: After the cruise industry shutdown, this was not a scheduled activity but you can complete it yourself and still get a medal.)

Take a glass bottom boat tour

underwater snorkeling trail disney castaway cay

One of the excursions offered on Castaway Cay is a glass-bottomed boat tour. Guests will board the boat and then venture to the northern side of the island to its barrier reef system.

Through viewing windows in the bottom, guests can see vibrant tropical fish, coral, and other sea creatures in the clear waters.

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This one-hour tour is the perfect way to see some underwater life, especially for young kids or adults who may not want to venture into snorkeling.

My take: If you don’t want to get wet but want to be able to say you got to explore the Bahamas both ashore and underwater, this is the way to do it. Prices started at $39 on our Disney Fantasy sailing.

Go for a bike ride

bike riding castaway cay
Riding bikes on Castaway Cay. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

For active guests, renting a bike for an hour or two might be the perfect way to get a feel for the island.

There are bike paths throughout, and it’s a great way to combine exercise with sightseeing…because who wants to ride a stationary bike in the gym when you can explore a tropical island instead?!

My take: Depending on the time of year, this can be a blast or miserable. Make sure you are prepared for the Bahamas heat if you do it in the summertime. We spent an hour on the bikes and had our share of the heat.

Yoga on the beach

serenity bay castaway cay

One fitness class included in your cruise fare is a morning yoga session on the beach. Those who participate will be some of the first off the ship (along with the 5k participants!) and can enjoy a peaceful session in the adults-only area of Serenity Bay.  

If beginning your morning with one of the most relaxing practices sounds appealing, this activity is right up your alley.

My take: This is one of those classes just far enough away from the crowd that you can have a peaceful session. You have to take a tram to get to the yoga spot.

Try parasailing

parasailing bahamas excursion

If thrills are the name of your game and you’re willing to splurge for it, consider the parasailing excursion. After disembarking the cruise ship, you’ll go to Marges Barges and be escorted to a boat after a safety briefing.

Once out on the water, guests can parasail for five to seven minutes high in the sky – making for killer island views and a memory that will stick around forever.

My take: $140 per person can add up if you have a large family, but the views from hundreds of feet above The Bahamas are stunning!

Go snorkeling

snorkel trail castaway cay
Minnie Mouse on the snorkel trail. (DOUG PARKER/CRUISE RADIO)

I could hardly mention a lineup of activities in Castaway Cay without mentioning a tropical vacation classic: snorkeling.

The snorkeling area is off the Family Beach and features two trails guests can follow through their snorkeling adventures.

The first is the Discover Trail, and the second is the Explorer Trail for more experienced snorkelers. You’ll see tropical fish, ocean floor fauna, and even some fun installations by Disney.

My Take: They require you to wear a life jacket for this one, and that’s a good thing. Even if you are a good swimmer and lifeguards stationed throughout, the snorkeling trail isn’t close to shore. It is worth the swim if you have the energy.

Photos used in Pinterest image: Disney Cruise Line


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