9 Phrases You Only Hear on Cruise Ships

You hear them every voyage, without fail. Cliché phrases that people say on their cruise. Here are nine of them I heard on my last sailing.

1. “I’m King of the World!”

Taken from the 1997 film Titanic, it’s always a popular saying followed by a photo opportunity of someone with their arms spread out like an eagle.

2. “What Happens on the Ship…”

You can act like a fool on the ship and let it all go because whatever happens on the cruise will stay on the cruise (until it gets uploaded to social media!).

3. “Iceberg, Dead Ahead!”

Yes, another from Titanic that is always heard on the cruise.

4. “If the Boat’s a Rockin’…” 

I think we all know what this one means. It’s the motion of the ocean, if you get my drift.

5. “Calories Don’t Count”

Everyone overindulges on a cruise so it’s good to let it all go. You’re on vacation, throw your cares into the wind.

6. “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere”

Translation: I’m going to hit up the Blood Mary bar for breakfast or have a cocktail before noon.

7. “The Captain is the Designated Driver”

Drink what you want because the only thing you’re in charge of is safely getting back to your cabin.

8. “The Sail and Sign Card isn’t Real Money..”

Until disembarkation day.

9. “I’m Not Drunk, the Boat is Rocking!”

Uttered by anyone stumbling from bar to bar, or coming out of the late night comedy show.

What phrases do you often overhear on your cruise? Let us know!

photo: flickr/Carl Carpenter

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