Carnival Jubilee 2024 Review + Cruise News [Podcast]

In this episode of Cruise Radio, Doug Parker and Richard Sims discuss the latest cruise news, including a fatal shuttle bus accident and missing persons. They also talk about passenger behavior affecting cruise staff and new dining options on Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

A guest recounts his positive experience on the Carnival Jubilee, from a smooth embarkation to diverse dining and entertainment. He notes the effective smoke-free areas, the busy atmosphere on sea days, and his family’s enjoyment of the kids’ club and excursions.

He offers tips for new cruisers and commends the ship’s friendly crew, ending with a recommendation for the cruise.

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A large cruise ship, the Carnival Jubilee, is docked at a bustling port.
Carnival Jubilee
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  • Tragic Accident at Popular Cruise Port (00:01:36) Discussion of a tragic accident involving a shuttle bus plowing into pedestrians at the port of Honolulu.
  • Missing Crew Member (00:03:00) Details about a crew member from the Holland America ship Rotterdam who jumped overboard and the subsequent search efforts.
  • Passenger Missing in Cozumel (00:03:58) Updates on a passenger named Brad Solomon who went missing after disembarking from a cruise ship in Cozumel, Mexico.
  • Carnival Cruise Line Publicly Shaming Passengers (00:06:00) Carnival Cruise Line’s response to passengers abusing the privilege of dropping off luggage in their staterooms before they are ready.
  • New Thai Restaurant and Vegetarian Options on Norwegian Cruise Line (00:09:32) Introduction of a new Thai restaurant and a vegetarian restaurant on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Prima class ships.
  • Review of Carnival Jubilee Cruise (00:14:06) A guest’s review of his seven-night Western Caribbean cruise aboard Carnival Jubilee.
  • Trip Insurance (00:13:04) A brief discussion about the importance of having trip insurance for plane, road trip, or cruise travel.
  • Smooth Check-in and Boarding (00:15:23) The guest describes a smooth and quick check-in process and boarding experience.
  • Impressions of Carnival Jubilee (00:16:08) The guest shares positive impressions of the ship’s appearance and amenities.
  • Interior Cabin Experience (00:16:48) The guest discusses the interior cabin’s location, amenities, and quietness.
  • Dining Options and Experiences (00:18:11) The guest provides an overview of various dining options, including the buffet, burger joint, and specialty restaurants.
  • Main Dining Room and Lobster Night (00:21:54) The guest talks about the main dining room experience and lobster night.
  • Big Chicken and Specialty Dining (00:23:25) Details about the location, menu, and quality of food at the Big Chicken and specialty dining venues.
  • Teppanyaki and Steakhouse Experience (00:24:28) The guest shares experiences and quality assessments of dining at the Teppanyaki and Steakhouse restaurants.
  • Carnival Kitchen Class (00:26:03) The guest describes their experience and cost of participating in an ice cream-making class at the Carnival Kitchen.
  • Entertainment on Board (00:27:17) The guest discusses the comedy shows, production shows, and other entertainment options on the ship.
  • Casino Area and Smoke Situation (00:29:03) The guest inquires about the smoke situation in the casino area.
  • The casino experience (00:29:10) Discussion about the casino’s smoking and non-smoking sections and the segregation’s effectiveness.
  • Crowds and congestion (00:29:31) The impact of sailing at full capacity on the ship’s crowded areas during sea days.
  • Kids club and activities (00:30:59) The guest’s son’s experience in the kids club and their activities on board.
  • Excursions and ports of call (00:31:48): This is a Detailed description of the excursions in Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Mahogany Bay.
  • Debarkation process (00:35:26): This is an Explanation of the debarkation process using the Hub app and the efficiency of the vacation.
  • Onboard experiences (00:37:19) Efficiency and wait times for services and tips for first-time Carnival Jubilee sailors.
  • Highlights and parking (00:39:26) The guest’s cruise highlights and their parking experiences in Galveston.
  • Final thoughts (00:40:37) Overall recommendation and positive feedback about the Carnival Jubilee experience.

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