Carnival Spirit Alaska Cruise Review [Podcast]

In this episode of Cruise Radio, Doug Parker and Richard Sims cover the latest cruise news, including a new world cruise by Holland America and Norwegian Cruise Line’s financial updates.

They also discuss the Island Princess’s rerouting to avoid space debris and Royal Caribbean’s canceled inaugural sailing. The christening of Carnival Jubilee with Gwen Stefani as godmother is highlighted.

Guest Will shares his experience on a seven-night Alaska cruise aboard the Carnival Spirit, discussing the quick embarkation process, spacious interior cabins, and excellent dining service despite initial delays. The episode provides a mix of industry news and personal cruise experiences.

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carnival spirit aerial exterior
Carnival Spirit (Photo courtesy of Carnival Cruise Line)
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  • World Cruise 2026 Announcement (00:00:41) Holland America’s 132-day world cruise announcement and details.
  • NCL Financial Turnaround (00:03:38) NCL’s financial success in 2019 and potential impact on cruise experience.
  • Space Debris Alert (00:07:56) Island Princess altering course to avoid space debris.
  • Royal Caribbean’s Star of the Seas Delay (00:10:08) Cancellation of inaugural sailing and options for affected passengers.
  • Carnival Jubilee’s Christening (00:12:17) Gwen Stefani’s role as godmother and the ship’s christening ceremony.
  • Review of Carnival Spirit (00:16:46) Will’s experience on a seven-night Alaska cruise on Carnival Spirit.
  • Pre-cruise Thoughts (00:17:13) Discussion about the decision to switch from an Eastern Caribbean to an Alaskan cruise on the Carnival Spirit.
  • Embarkation Process (00:18:01) Description of the easy and quick embarkation process onto the Carnival Spirit in Seattle.
  • First Impressions of the Ship (00:19:21) Initial impressions of the Carnival Spirit’s atrium and comparison to the Carnival Magic.
  • Stateroom Review (00:20:13) Review of the spacious interior cabins and their location on deck one.
  • Dining Experience (00:22:03) Discussion of the main dining room experience and the buffet area, including the service and food quality.
  • Entertainment and Shows (00:27:08) Review of the shows, comedy club, and piano bar entertainment on the seven-night cruise.
  • Crowds and Congestion (00:28:54) Observations of the ship’s handling of crowds and congestion during the cruise.
  • Ports of Call (00:31:20) Highlights of the ports of call, including Tracy Arm Fjord, Skagway, and Juneau excursions.
  • Whale Watching in Juneau (00:33:29) Observing humpback whales surrounding the ship in Juneau, a memorable experience.
  • Halibut Fishing in Ketchikan (00:34:30) A successful halibut fishing excursion and catching 27 yellow tip sea bass in Ketchikan.
  • Ship Decorations for Anniversary (00:36:52) Arranging a surprise anniversary celebration with the ship’s staff for the guest’s parents.
  • Departure Process from Seattle (00:39:59) Smooth departure process and retrieving the parked vehicle after the cruise.
  • Excursion Tips and Ship Features (00:41:17) Tips for excursions and the favorable aspects of sailing on Carnival Spirit in Alaska.
  • Fishing Highlight and Family Time (00:43:46) The guest’s favorite highlights: spending time with family and the fishing experience in Ketchikan.
  • Casino Experience on Carnival Spirit (00:44:27) The smoking policy and handling of cigarette smoke in the ship’s casino.
  • Overall Impression of Carnival Spirit (00:44:54) Positive feedback on the ship’s size and amenities, expressing a desire to cruise on it again.

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