Carnival Vista Review 2024 + Cruise News [PODCAST]

In this episode of Cruise Radio, Doug Parker and Richard Sims discuss the dangers of missing a cruise ship’s departure and the benefits of travel insurance in such events.

Dan Silkin from elaborates on how insurance can cover missed connections, medical emergencies, and unexpected itinerary changes, including additional costs for accommodation and transportation.

Listener Julia reviews her eight-night Southern Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Vista, Carnival Cruise Line’s first Vista-class ship.

In this interview, Julia details the embarkation process, onboard entertainment, and port experiences in Amber Cove, San Juan, Saint Martin, and Saint Thomas. She also shares tips for future cruisers.

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A large cruise ship, Carnival Vista, sailing on the open sea under a clear blue sky.
Carnival Vista docked in Grand Turk


  • The bridge collapse and cruise relocation (00:00:00) Discussion of cruise relocation due to the Baltimore bridge collapse and the impact on passengers.
  • Passengers left behind (00:00:59): This section covers incidents where passengers were left behind due to independent shore excursions and the cruise line’s responsibility.
  • Norwegian Viva venue closures (00:05:00) Coverage of the closure of venues on the Norwegian Viva and its impact on guests.
  • Cancellation of sailings (00:06:02) Norwegian announced the cancellation of sailings for specific ships and the reasons behind it.
  • Royal Caribbean’s relocation (00:07:12): This is Information about Royal Caribbean’s relocation of the Vision of the Seas due to the Baltimore Bridge collapse.
  • Travel insurance impacts medical emergencies (00:08:44): This discusses how travel insurance covers medical emergencies and evacuations for cruise passengers.
  • Travel insurance coverage for missed ship (00:12:30) Explanation of travel insurance coverage for missing the ship due to common carrier delays.
  • Travel assistance in emergencies (00:15:05) Information about how travel insurance’s claims number can help in emergencies, such as connecting with embassies and providing assistance.
  • Cruise relocation due to disaster (00:15:49) Discussion of how a travel insurance policy could help passengers when a cruise ship returns to a different port due to a disaster.
  • Missed Connection Benefit (00:16:09) Travel insurance coverage for missed connections and extra travel expenses due to ship delays.
  • Travel Delay Benefit (00:17:19) Coverage for expenses like hotel, food, and local transportation due to overnight stays before catching the next flight.
  • Contacting (00:18:03): How can you email for questions and assistance?
  • Trip Review and Pre-Cruise Thoughts (00:18:45) Julia’s experience and decision to cruise aboard Carnival Vista.
  • Embarkation Process (00:21:03) Julia’s experience with embarkation, including time taken from the curb to the ship.
  • First Impressions of Carnival Vista (00:22:13) Julia’s thoughts on the ship’s appearance and features after dry dock.
  • Changes during Dry Dock (00:23:27) During dry dock, Carnival Vista will undergo renovations and additions, including dining and entertainment options.
  • Premium View Balcony Room (00:25:58) Description and review of the premium view balcony room on the cruise ship.
  • Dining Experience (00:28:26) Julia reviewed the food, dining options, and service throughout the cruise.
  • Specialty Dining Experience (00:31:25) Julia’s experience at specialty restaurants and her review of the food and service.
  • Entertainment on the Cruise (00:33:49) Discussion on the various entertainment options, including shows, live musicians, karaoke, and comedy shows.
  • Crowds and Congestion on Sea Days (00:38:20) Description of the ship’s crowdedness and suggestions for finding less congested areas.
  • Ports of Call: Amber Cove (00:41:10) Tips for visiting Amber Cove include avoiding crowds by going later in the afternoon.
  • Ports of Call: San Juan (00:43:28) Highlights of the visit to San Juan, including the fort and the picturesque landscape.
  • Ports of Call: Saint Martin (00:44:44) Experience at Saint Martin, including the beach, water taxi, and island exploration.
  • Ports of Call: Saint Thomas (00:47:07) Description of the helmet dive experience and visit to Koki Beach on Saint Thomas.
  • Return to Port Canaveral and Weather Conditions (00:50:13): This section discusses the weather conditions during the return trip, including big swells and a medical emergency evacuation.
  • Casino Experience (00:50:57) Comparison of the smoking and non-smoking areas in the casino.
  • The smoking casino experience (00:51:06) Julia describes the unpleasant experience of the smoking casino on the ship.
  • Winning at the casino (00:52:26) Talking cruise ship casinos.
  • Debarkation process (00:53:38) Discusses the debarkation process, including facial recognition and self-disembarkation.
  • Tips for sailing Carnival Vista (00:55:31) Tips for making the most of the Carnival Vista experience, including finding special places and tricks.
  • Highlights of the cruise (00:56:51) Two highlights of the cruise, including a memorable experience in Saint Thomas and enjoying time with her husband.
  • Final thoughts on Carnival Vista (00:58:49) Final thoughts of Carnival Vista

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