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cruise news today april 1 2023

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P&O Ship Assists With Caribbean Rescue

P&O’s ship Britannia assisted with a rescue off the coast of St. Kitts earlier this week.

A boat described as “dangerously overcrowded” with 32 people on board capsized and sank.

It was spotted by a passing yacht at 3 am on Tuesday, and Britannia was alerted and diverted course to assist the local coast guard in a rescue. 16 people were rescued alive, three were confirmed dead, and 13 were still missing as of the latest report.

Britannia is currently on a 14-night repositioning cruise from Barbados to Southampton.

The ship assisted with the rescue just a day prior to heading out for her transatlantic crossing.

Norwegian Cruise Line Prohibits Another Item On Board

Norwegian Cruise Line has updated its prohibited items list to include fans, including handheld, battery-operated, and electric ones. The list now includes 31 items, with fans being the latest addition.

While many guests bring fans for personal comfort and air circulation in their staterooms, some cruise lines limit certain types of fans or only permit loaner fans.

Guests who attempt to bring a fan onboard could have it confiscated, and in some cases, stored at the port or returned to their vehicle.

Cruise Line Loses Australian Woman’s Suitcase, But It Was On Board the Whole Time

If you think you had a bad cruise, at least you didn’t have to wear the same outfit for 11 days straight.

Australian woman Cheryl Stuchbery and her husband boarded a Royal Caribbean ship for a voyage to New Zealand, but her suitcase never showed up in her cabin.

With only the outfit she was already wearing, Cheryl was forced to wear it every day of the cruise, which Royal Caribbean washed for free. The couple attempted to buy clothes in port, but were mostly unsuccessful.

After arriving back to Sydney, the suitcase was finally found… on the ship.

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