Cruise Port, Things to do in Rome

things to do in Rome While many people still believe that cruise holidays are all about staying aboard a ship for days and days, while sailing the seas and enjoying the onboard entertainment, things could not more different. The best cruises will have an extremely enticing itinerary, with stopovers along the shores, or why not on islands, almost every day. This is a perfect opportunity to discover a variety of different and unique places that would otherwise require a special visit. Cruise passengers are able to perfectly combine the enjoyment and freedom of sailing the seas and oceans, aboard giant ships that offer everything they might dream of, as well as discover some extraordinary destinations, experiencing the local charm and culture. One of the most incredible cruise destinations is Rome, the capital of Italy.

Although it is not a port, Rome can be easily reached from the sea and is the perfect day trip for those in search of a fabulous destination. Being one of the most famous and influential cities of the ancient world, capital of one of the greatest empires that ever existed, Rome is maybe the city with the richest cultural heritages of the world, being a true live museum. Practically, naming all the attractions and landmarks of Rome would require to list half of the buildings inside the city center. Starting off, the most famous and interesting places, that no cruise passenger should miss are the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Vatican with its St. Peter Basilica and Square, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, the San Angelo Castle, the National Museum of Rome, the Roman Forums, the Fontana di Trevi and others.

These are just the main attractions, as the city has countless others, including a great number of beautiful cathedrals and churches, starting with Santa Maria del Poppolo, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria dei Angeli and so on, many beautiful squares, monuments, villas, fountains, parks and others. Apart from these, the museums of Rome are among the richest and most interesting in the world, presenting the history of a great empire. A destination such as Rome would require weeks and weeks to discover, taking each and every attractions and discovering all the charm of the hidden city. Cruise passengers visiting Rome should get a good taste of what the city is all about, mixing some of the best sights, with some Italian traditional food, and famous Latin lifestyle.

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