Cunard Ships Compared by Size — Smallest to Largest

Cunard Line, a prestigious cruise line with over 180 years of sailing history, is renowned for its elegance.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth (Photo courtesy of Cunard)

Cunard offers many voyages, from Transatlantic crossings to World Voyages encompassing multiple continents. They cruise to popular destinations in the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

What sets Cunard apart is its focus on traditional cruise elegance. Expect formal evenings, impeccable service, gourmet dining, and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Cunard Line Ships Listed by Size

Cunard has a fleet of ships that can be classified into different classes. Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are part of the Vista class, while Queen Mary 2 is part of the more exclusive Pinnacle class. Cunard’s upcoming ship, Queen Anne, will be positioned in between these two classes.

ShipClassYear LaunchedTonnagePassenger Count
Queen VictoriaVista200790,0492,074
Queen ElizabethVista201090,9012,081
Queen AnnePinnacle2024113,0002,996
Queen Mary 2N/A2004151,4002,726

In this article, we’ve compiled an overview of all ships in the Cunard Line fleet, organized from smallest to largest by gross registered tonnage.

What is gross registered tonnage?

Gross registered tonnage (GRT) is not a measure of a cruise ship’s weight. It is a measure of the ship’s internal space that generates revenue. One “ton” is equal to 100 cubic feet inside the vessel. A higher GRT indicates more cabins, restaurants, entertainment spots, and potentially more passengers.

Queen Victoria

cunard queen victoria
Queen Victoria (Photo courtesy of Cunard)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:90,049
Entered Service:2007
Year Refurbished:2017
Passenger Count:2,074 at double occupancy

Cunard’s smallest ship, the Queen Victoria, measures in at 90,049 GRT and can welcome 2,061 passengers aboard. This vessel reflects a storied history reminiscent of classic transatlantic voyages and continues to serve as an upscale option for Mediterranean and Northern Europe cruises.

Key Features: Commodore Club, Hemispheres, The Grills Lounge, Cunardia, Grand Lobby, Queen’s Room, Royal Court Theatre, Winter Garden, Yacht Club, Teen Zone, The Play Zone, Grills Terrace, Pavillion Pool, Royal Fitness Centre, and Royal Arcade

Queen Elizabeth

cunard queen elizabeth exterior
Queen Elizabeth (Photo courtesy of Cunard)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:90,901
Entered Service:2010
Year Refurbished:2018
Passenger Count:2,081 at double occupancy

Sitting comfortably between the smallest and the largest liners, Queen Elizabeth stakes its claim with a GRT of 90,901. She bridges traditional ocean liner adventures and modern luxury cruising, offering itineraries that explore from the Caribbean to Norway, heralding the Vista-class identity with every voyage.

Key Features: Commodore Club, The Grills Lounge, Empire Casino, Britannia Club, Grand Lobby, Queen’s Room, Royal Court Theatre, The Play Zone, Admiral’s Lounge, Cunarders’ Gallery, Hydropool, Queen’s Arcade, and Royal Spa and Fitness Centre

Queen Anne

cunard queen anne
Queen Anne (Rendering courtesy of Cunard)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:113,000
Entered Service:2024
Year Refurbished:N/A
Passenger Count:2,996 at double occupancy

Key Features: Admiral’s Lounge, Churchill’s, Commodore Club and Bar, Empire Casino Bar, Midship’s Lounge, Queen’s Room, Royal Court Theatre, The Zone, Grand Lobby, Grills Terrace, Hydro Pool, Royal Arcade, and The Pavillion Wellness Studio

Queen Mary 2

queen mary 2 cunard
Queen Mary 2 (Photo courtesy of Cunard)
Just The Facts
Gross Tonnage:151,400
Entered Service:2004
Year Refurbished:2016
Passenger Count:2726 at double occupancy

The Queen Mary 2 is Cunard’s largest ocean liner at 151,400 GRT. This vessel specializes in transatlantic crossings, offering passengers a unique blend of stately elegance and classic grandeur. As the pinnacle-class ship in Cunard’s fleet, the QM2 upholds the line’s longstanding reputation for safety, comfort, and adventure.

Key Features: Champagne Bar, Chart Room, Commodore Club, Terrace Bar, Empire Casino, Queens Room, Atlantic Room, Deck Games, G32, Grand Lobby, Illuminations, Royal Court Theatre, The Play Zone, Winter Garden, Minnows Pool, Splash Pool, and Therapy Pool

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