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Elderly Cruisers Busted With 20 Pounds Of Cocaine



They may have looked like a sweet, elderly couple enjoying a cruise to the Caribbean, but this pair of British cruisers was arrested on drug trafficking charges and could face substantial jail time.

Where They Hid The Drugs

Photo via Cruise & Maritime Voyages

The cruisers, believed to be a couple, were sailing aboard the Cruise & Maritime Voyages ship, the Marco Polo. When the ship docked in Lisbon, local authorities, acting on a tip from Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA), boarded the ship and searched the stateroom of the as-yet-unnamed pair, whose ages are listed as 70 and 72.

“In the cabin that was occupied by the suspects,” the Portuguese authorities report, “four suitcases [were found] in whose structures was concealed a high amount of product, more specifically cocaine.”

According to The Guardian, the Marco Polo – a 425-cabin cruise ship – left Essex on November 5 with just over 600 passengers on board. Once the search, seizure, and arrest of the couple in question was completed, the ship resumed its journey back to the UK – arriving safely there on December 8.


The cruise port of Lisbon.

“Portuguese police officials [boarded] the Marco Polo in Lisbon,” said a spokesperson for Cruise and Maritime Voyages, “and detained two passengers [who were on board]. It is understood this was in connection with the suspected possession of narcotics. [We are] cooperating fully with the Portuguese police officials.”

The spokesperson went on to say that Cruise and Maritime Voyages “does not tolerate any criminal activity or anti-social [behavior] on board its ships.”

After appearing in court, the arrested-and-charged cruisers were remanded into police custody while the investigation continued.

About The Marco Polo

According to Cruisemapper, the Marco Polo, which was built in 1965, is currently on a 5-day, one-way sailing between London and Bristol. The ship, which tends to cater to an older, upper-middle-class crowd, is slated to depart on a 70-night voyage which will take passengers to, among other places, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Ecuador, as well as through the Panama Canal.


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