Fathom Adds Two More Cuba Sailings for Fall

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The social impact cruise line Fathom has added two Cuba sailing dates for this fall as a result of the strong demand for cruise vacations to Cuba from the US.

The additional voyages will be during the weeks of Sunday October 9, and Sunday November 6.  Fathom’s ship Adonia will depart Miami for three destinations in Cuba, including two days in Havana.

“Since our inaugural voyage in early May, we have experienced strong, continued demand from travelers wanting to travel to Cuba with the comfort, convenience, and peace of mind that comes with cruise with Fathom,” said Tara Russell, president of the cruise line. “Our bookings for the fall are strong, and the word is spreading: Going on a cruise with Fathom to Cuba is the best, easiest, and most enjoyable way to visit this unique country.  Because demand is so strong, we encourage travelers to book as soon as possible for the October 9 and November 6 cruises.”

The cruise line’s week-long cruises to Cuba visit Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santiago de Cuba.  In surveys, guests are giving high marks for great experiences in all three destinations, and guests are enjoying the intimacy of the small ship Adonia.

Highlights of each destination include:

  • Havana – Cuba’s colorful capital is known for its Spanish-style architecture, classic American cars that cruise the island, and its thriving nightlife.  The city is filled with historic castles, cathedrals, and mansions, and has a vibrant music and entertainment scene with open-air festivals that take advantage of the island’s sunny Caribbean climate.
  • Cienfuegos – This coastal city is the center of Cuba’s sugar, tobacco, and coffee trades, and is known as the Pearl of the South.  It features French-influenced Neoclassical buildings, wide seaside boulevards, and the great stone fortress of Castillo de Jagua – built in 1745.
  • Santiago de Cuba – Once the capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is considered the birthplace of salsa dancing and the Cuban revolution.  It’s home to the popular festivals of Carnaval and the Fiesta del Fuego, as well as many of the country’s most famous artists and musicians, and some of its most-visited historical sites.

The Adonia generally departs at 3:30 pm on Sunday from Miami, and arrives in Havana the following morning.  They voyage ends the following Sunday, when the ship arrives back in port at 7:30 am.  Prices for Cuba cruises start at $1,599 per person, and will vary by season.

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