Florida Couple Celebrates 200 Carnival Cruises

Bernard and Janice Caffary of Lakeland, Florida started cruising in 2003, and haven’t stopped. The retired couple just returned from their 200th Carnival cruise. The duo recently celebrated the milestone on a short Bahamas sailing from Port Canaveral aboard Carnival Liberty. Their first sailing was aboard Carnival Sensation in 2003.

What keeps this couple sailing?

“It’s the friendliness of the crew,” Janice said. “A lot of crew members call us mom and dad,” she told us when we caught up with her on Carnival Sensation in 2015. On that sailing, Bernard and Janice were celebrating their 10oth cruise aboard Sensation.

To celebrate the occasion, Carnival Cruise Line presented the couple with a cake and a ceremony onboard the ship with staff, crew, and fellow cruise guests. They were also the guest of honor throughout the voyage.

The Caffarys have spent 878 days – more than two and a half years –aboard Carnival ships.

Carnival Cruise Line confirmed that Bernard and Janice Caffary are the longest sailing guests in the company’s 45-year history.

And in case you’re wondering, they have 30 future cruises currently booked.

Photo: Carnival

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  1. Wow….100 more Cruises since 2015..(that’s only about 100+ weeks.)… must do really short cruises about 3- 4 a month or live on the cruise ship. What a great life.


  3. 52 weeks a year, from 2003 to 2015, did 100 cruises, and in the short span of 2015 to now then have completed 100, they have to be living on the Cruise line. Wonder how much they are spending to do something like that.

  4. What??? That is such a selfish comment. I tired of baby boomers and Gen Y’ers always looking for a handout. Did your parents leave you an inheritance? Why don’t you teach your kids how to make money and enjoy life instead of looking for a handout.

  5. Only a selfish child would want their parents to save their money for them instead of enjoying it.

  6. 200 cruises really isn’t a lot. It’s number of Sea days that count. At 200 cruises times 7 days. Equals 1400 sea days. On Princess we had a couple with 1900 plus sea days. My next cruise will be #45 and I don’t live in Fla. Yet I’m over 312 Sea Days. Sounds like they take alot of 2,3,4 day cruises. It’s Sea Days that matter. They would have posted the number Sea Days if it was high…just saying.

  7. The number is posted: The Caffarys have spent 878 days – more than two and a half years –aboard Carnival ships.

  8. We live 3 1/2 hours from Galveston so it doesn’t pay for us to take anything less than a 7 day cruise. We will be taking our third 15 day to Hawaii this December. I would probably live on a ship if we could work out the logistics. Maybe we would get tired of cruising but I doubt it.

  9. They probably work hard their whole lives to have the right to enjoy their money. Child should build their own wealth

  10. In the world of big time cruising. That’s not a lot of Sea days . God bless them. That’s an average. Of 4.4 days per cruise. The Regal Princess had a lunchon of 40 cruisers on a sailing. Over half had 1000 plus Sea days. I guess I’m lucky. At my rate I’ll have 1386 after 200. The real amazing thing is that they survived 200 Cruises on Carnival ships!!! Happy cruising to you.

  11. 4 out of 5 of our kids make more than we do so yes if they take our Dave Ramsey advice to heart like we did they could do the same and retire earlier than we did and cruise….just saying…… we thank God and Dave for us being able to cruise.

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