Is a River Cruise The Best Way to Enjoy the American Midwest?

The Midwest region of the USA is home to some stunning scenery and landscapes, but it isn’t exactly a world-renowned tourist destination. The most popular hotspots in the States for visitors are California and Florida, with none of the Midwestern territories anywhere near the top ten. One of the ways that states like Ohio can get back on the map is through the promotion of their incredible river cruises. These relaxing and enlightening vacations provide a real chance to appreciate some of the other hidden gems the country has to offer.

About The Ohio River Cruise

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The Ohio River Exploration Cruise is run by American Queen Steamboat Company, a business renowned for running some of the best cruises in the country. It begins in Louisville, Ohio, and ends in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The cruise lasts for nine days, and promises an old-fashioned experience along with one of the USA’s oldest trade routes.

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While chugging away down the glorious waterway, vacationers will be transported back to the golden age of steamboat travel as they sip classic cocktails and take in the scenery. Along the way, there will be stop-offs at a number of quaint river towns including Madison, Cincinnati, and Maysville. These sites make for some incredible photo opportunities and unique experiences. It also comes with a pre-cruise hotel stay in Louisville so that you can become acquainted with the city before departure.

What to Do When You Land in Pittsburgh

The vacation doesn’t have to end when you reach your destination, though. Indeed, there are countless tourist opportunities to take advantage of when the cruise ship drops you off in Pittsburgh. The city is known for its nightlife, and the Rivers Casino is a prime spot to check out. It’s no surprise that the city has such a bustling casino, judging by how booming the online gambling market is in the state of Pennsylvania. The competition between online casinos is so rife that players have sites that recommend the best no deposit bonus in PA. The aggregator sites explain where these offers are, and how to redeem them.

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Pittsburgh is also a great tourist experience in the daytime. For families, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium is an excellent spot for a day out. Alternatively, sports fans could opt to catch a game of baseball and watch one of the oldest teams in the game, the Pittsburgh Pirates, at PNC Park.

The other option would be to head down to Heinz Field and check out the city’s football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in action. The city will certainly not disappoint, and there is also the option to return to Ohio on the cruise when you’ve seen everything.

If you’re someone who’s mainly spent time on ocean cruises up to now, it might be a refreshing change for you to try out a river cruise. The Ohio River Exploration Cruise is a delightful way to take in some of the impeccable scenery and destinations that the Midwest has to offer.

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