Kid Jumps from Cruise Ship Railing into Pool

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One of the things seasoned cruisers complain about on a regular basis is “out of control” kids who seem to have absolutely no adult supervision whatsoever, and a disturbing video posted to YouTube seems to take this behavior to new heights.

Filmed aboard a Princess cruise ship, the clips show a teen climbing over a railing and jumping approximately 20 feet into the pool below. As if the possibility of injuring himself weren’t bad enough, there are clearly other passengers in the pool who could have been hurt as well. And given that the video shows the teens very purposefully waiting until there are no staff members in the area, it’s obvious that they knew that what they were doing was against the rules… a point they drive home in a mocking fashion by making sure to capture on video a sign very clearly indicating the dangers of jumping into the pool below.

Where Are The Parents?

It’s also worth noting that this is posted as a video blog, with the full name of the young man as well as a clip in which he exits his stateroom, the number of which can clearly be seen. In other words, absolutely no attempt was made to disguise the identity of the perpetrators, which would also seem to indicate that he and his co-hort aren’t terribly worried about whether or not their parents see the video.

Over the past few years, young social media users looking to attract views have been posting videos of incredibly dangerous — not to mention stupid — stunts such as this one, which was first reported by Crew Center. And it doesn’t take much imagination to picture a scenario where something goes horrifically wrong. While the parents are nowhere to be found (at one point, the young men mention that it is 10:30 p.m., and yet they clearly are not being supervised), it’s also pretty easy to imagine that had one of the teens been hurt during the ill-conceived stunt, Mom and Dad would have very likely rushed to sue the cruise line.

Even as cruise lines take steps designed to protect both themselves and their passengers from such situations, it’s incumbent upon every parent to take responsibility by supervising their children. Being on vacation doesn’t mean turning a blind eye or expecting the already overworked crew of a ship to serve as babysitters.

Do parents need to be more responsible for the activities of their children while on board? Should curfews for passengers under the age of 21 be put into place? What punishments should be doled out to people who engage in such dangerous activities? Weigh in below!

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  1. This is extremely dangerous. Imagine if the kid got hurt! An ambulance chaser cruise/maritime lawyer would be suing the cruise line for negligence!!!!!!!

  2. That why I don’t cruise anymore to many asshole kids on board.So now I now I fly and let other people put up with them

  3. We are lucky enough to be retired and cruise will schools are in session. I can’t imagine not cruising.

  4. Parents need to watch thier kids. However is could easily been a young 18 or 21 year old doing this. But it was not a parent should watch thier kids closer for two reason to stop them for doing stupid stuff and to keep them from getting hurt by someone. Some times parents trust the child that they never do anything that would get them hurt and child breaks the trust. They should be should be made to pay a fine.
    Maybe they need to try another cruise line like Royal Caribbean because they have a lot of thrill-seeking activities.
    This not going to stop me from cruising because no matter where you go thier is always one person that is going to do something stupid. You just hope and pray it does not ruin it forever everyone.

  5. These kids looked young – like tween / young teen – no way they are over 14. Cruise ships have many teen programs – did they sneak out of the teen program to do this or did the parents just let them go nuts?

    They are still old enough to edit this video – use their cell phones and plan out this stunt so in my opinion, they should be treated as adults and either banned from this cruise line or the cruise line should come up with some sort of “Reckless Passenger” insurance for cruise passengers caught behaving badly that they have to purchase if they ever want to cruise again that is so cost prohibitive it will be worth the insurer’s while but also clear the cruise line if they kill themselves trying to do something idiotic.

  6. this is why i try to cruise when arse hole kids like that are not on my cruise. one could only hope that the family was put of at the next port for endangering other passengers, this is not to mention that the poor staff would have to clean up the bloody mess when they go wrong. if the kids stuff up then yes the parents should pay for it… i know i would not like to be the kids when they got home early from their holiday. i have siblings in the medical profession, and it would turn your guts in what they see after stupid kids and older kids over 18 do such dangerous things. i have no sympathy for any family if they were fined and banned for life if some one screwed up like that..

  7. Take them outin the next port! Such games are very dangerous. And yes, parents are responsible for such stupid behave.

  8. Obviously the parents didn’t know about the stunt (until after-the-fact) since these boys snuck out to do it.
    The TA community weighed in on several FB groups tonight and the consensus is there should be a permanent cruising ban on these boys with ALL cruise lines since they’re a liability risk.
    I’m sure the people in the pool did NOT appreciate getting splashed when he pulled his stunt all for his friend’s online blog-video “show”. Apparently they have others “following” their adventures.

  9. I say, slap the parents with a huge fine and ban them ALL from ever cruising again !

  10. This was an insanely stupid thing to do. Had this idiot been injured, I imagine the cruise line would’ve been slapped with an outrageous lawsuit. The parents, not the cruise line, are 100% responsible. Perhaps this cruise line should ban them from their ships and share an alert w/other cruise lines identifying them as a huge liability risk.

  11. Need to bring back the plank. Entire family should have “walked” it. Right off the ship. Ban this family from life from EVERY line. Now there is talk of curfews, etc. It is the STUPID minority that ruins the fun for the good ones.

  12. Wow the parents should be more responsible for the minor all the time. I know tjey are young and restless but they should be more mature in this case. Tjey dont care about his parents what happen to them y he got injure or die.
    Why people always like to break the rules?

  13. I was on a Carnival cruise ship when an adult did the same thing. He spent the evening at the Red Frog Pub bragging about how he was almost kicked off the ship. In my opinion the idiot should of been kicked off!

  14. I don’t think curfew’s would be a good idea as not all kids are out of control in fact most are just having a good time. It is the few that are out of control that we as cruisers notice the most and that we feel something should be done about them. The cruise lines need to take a harder stance with those kids and their parents that don’t behave and bother the other passengers. Just like many businesses put a policy in writing that is included in everyone’s cruise paperwork . If this policy is not followed, a warning first . A second offence and your on your way home.

  15. In addition to the cruise lines taking actions against this sort of activity, I believe social media sites bare responsibility. If they were to prohibit and remove posts such as these, perhaps the perpetrators would be less inclined to engage in this type of reckless behavior.

  16. The cruise line should get in touch with the parents and inform them that they are no longer welcome as guests on that line.

    I have a pair of teens who were total idiots as kids, but I’d have killed them if they pulled a stunt like that.

  17. Agree 100%. Since the kids posted their real names and cabin number, the parents should be bared from cruising and a notice should be posted to all cruise lines that this family is not to be allowed as they could end up hurting not only themselves but someone else doing stunts like this. As well Facebook needs to take down this type of post. Youngsters do not need to see this type of antic and can take down the video. I’ve cruised since 1965 and since children have been on board being by the pool or in it is awful because parents do not supervise their children.

  18. Should be placed on a list that is shared by the cruise industry to keep these idiots off the ships, had I been injuired by this asshole or any of my family, I would have sued them and the cruise line. Then many the cruise industry will start to hold the morons accountable!!!!

  19. That’s something we actually discussed here. And this is a conversation that often takes place when stories involve controversial activities caught on tape. Does showing the tape in question encourage others to engage in the bad behavior? Or is showing the video important to the discussion at hand? We certainly understand your concern, but at the end of the day, we believe the video itself is important to the understanding of the story in question. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  20. Personally I feel at that point the child is to blame. Parents should be responsible for their children because they are family members, not because they are “children”. Children are very capable of understanding the dangers, and thus, are also perfectly capable of taking the blame if they get hurt – in circumstances such as these, they should be treated as any other passenger, regardless of age.

    Scold them as you would scold an adult who would try something similar; after all, I have seen both highly responsible children, and terribly irresponsible adults.

  21. These kids have never been “out back to the woodshed” so to speak. They show no appreciation for the privilege of going on a luxury cruise. Parents need to be made to pay somehow. Maybe being banned from travel insurance. Or maybe the ship’s insurance company has a black list, so the family would be blacklisted from cruising in general.
    Ray A.

  22. Kick the family off the ship and blacklist them in the cruise industry.

  23. They should impose a curfew for anyone under 21. its for their own safety as well as everyone else’s. And the parents need to be supervising their kids more.

  24. the family should be forced to leave the ship at the next port, it would be up to them to get themselves back home, absolutely no refund and be blackballed from any future cruises. maybe I am being a little harsh but these would probably be the parents to sue to the cruise line if something happened

  25. I’m going to have to go against the grain here. Cruise lines allow children quite a bit of independence, aboard their ships. Adults do similarly stupid things aboard, as well. In fact, if you barred everyone who did something reckless, you might not have any passengers.

    The actions of these children apparently went unnoticed by staff. I think that’s the underlying problem. The cruise line created the environment where this could happen. They allow and even encourage children to run about their ships, at these late hours, and then don’t appropriately staff high risk areas. Children are just that. They may know something is wrong or stupid, but that doesn’t mean they have the ability to fully comprehend the consequences of their actions.

    If there was someone who actually observed this stupidity, I would say the appropriate response would have been confining the little darlings to their cabin, for at least a day. A lifetime ban is way over the top. The apparent fact that they were not observed by a staff member, suggests that the cruise line should be looking very closely at their own policies, especially related to safety. I can guarantee there was no shortage of staff at the bars, the casino, the spa, the photo department, ship shops, excursions desk, etc. I would say the parents might have a case, if one of these dummies were injured, but imagine the case someone would have if they were injured by them.

  26. These kids just got their families banned for life from any future cruises. Hope it was worth it.

  27. I personally think it is timd children take responsibility for their actions. The boys knew they were wrong. Dont blame the xruise ship for heavens sake. At least ehen we were kids we were held acoountable foer our own actions

  28. The same old story…sue the cruise lines for bad behavior of kids. Yes, the parents are responsible. I think that lillte episode is just the beginning. Sorry but I would make the family deport and go home. They all need to learn what is acceptable behavior,etc. I have also complained about unruly kids on our cruises. NO supervison is apparent. The parents think just because they are basicly all together there is no harm in letting them run wherever they want.

  29. Sorry, but you cruise doesn’t provide a babysitter. If you don’t want to be a responsible parent to your children don’t have kids, or leave them home. Sorry but it’s not the cruise lines responsibility to babysit your children. If a child is injured or dies it’s the parents fault not the cruise lines. Hire a nanny if your children can’t behave

  30. Ah, but that’s where you’re mistaken. They actively market “babysitters” and then don’t provide adequate supervision. In fact, they often hold late night events/parties for children this age and prohibit adults from being anywhere near them. That’s besides the point that they didn’t provide proper monitoring of a potentially dangerous area, where both children and the adults present could have been injured. Obviously, you don’t think it’s the other passengers’ responsibility to monitor the situation, do you? I’ve been on 19 cruises. This kind of reckless behavior is not unusual, and I’ve seen it from both children and adults. If this wasn’t a cruise ship, there would be someone monitoring that pool. If those children stole a bottle of alcohol, it wouldn’t have gone unnoticed and it would have been addressed immediately.

    Much like a vast majority of cruise passengers, I’m often annoyed by the shenanigans of the children onboard, and I believe the cruise line shares some culpability for not proactively addressing the risk.

  31. If my son ever pulled a stunt like that him and I would be getting off at the next port and flying home. The rest of the family would stay on board and enjoy the rest of the cruise. The message to him would be loud and clear.

  32. I would tear his ass up. This is why I get annoyed going on cruises when the kids are out of school because their parents seem to feel that it’s their vacation too and absolutely do nothing to supervise the kids. They lounge in the stairs, they’re running up and down the halls, just throwing food and carrying on in some of the Lido deck areas or horsing around in the pool. Last cruise I went on kids (teens) were horsing around trying to put ice down each others backs or whatever and nearly knocked a man over with his drink( and into the pool) , to which point his wife told him to count to 10 ( when he was about to go off on them, because apparently he has some health issues in which he’s not supposed to upset himself to the point of having a heart attack or raising his blood pressure etc. ) we come on cruises to go on vacation, not have to spend time in a long line at guest services the complaining about your kid because you can’t be bothered to watch her because “they’re on vacation” . I went on the allure of the seas and even with all of the Pixar characters or whatever on there greeting the people ( The cruise was designed to attract a lot of children and I even had a Pixar parade down one of the promenade areas) nearly 10,000 people on that ship, all the kids were fine because they got some home training. I barely even noticed the kids mostly due to the size of the ship but when I saw them they were sitting nicely with their parents . But these kids were maybe 5, 6 or seven years old so that leads me to believe that the teens and preteens and young adults are the real problem here because they’re old enough to do stuff by themselves but they don’t do sound judgment before doing stupid crap. I would ban his parents from ever going on a cruise again on that ship because the first thing the dumbasses would’ve done was turn around sue The cruise line for something that they caused. And They can’t say they didn’t know the rules because the signs are clearly posted. He even taped them. This kid is a dumbass and he’s only gonna get worse as he gets older because there is no bar set on his bad behavior . That is the fault of his parents. So sick of parents either not supervising their kids or when They do hang around their kids, they try to act like a friend to the kid instead of an authority figure( there can be equal amounts of friend and authority figure without a kid crossing the line and still having a good relationship with the parents) . Nowadays social media can ruin your life if you’re dumb enough to put something like this up there. Hope it was worth it!

  33. Princess go into denial when behaviour such as this is reported.
    On our last Cruise we were told that it was a big ship and if we wanted to avoid this behaviour we could pay a premium to avoid these criminals.
    Still waiting on a response from Princess HQ.

  34. Why 21? What is so magical about 21? We have men and women fighting for our country at the age of 18. If they are old enough to die for our country, don’t you think they’re old enough to have the freedom to move about a ship?

  35. Why 21? Why is 21 suddenly the magic number? People can vote at 18. They can die for their country at 18. They can sacrifice their freedom by joining the military at 18. Why, oh why, is 21 suddenly the magic number for maturity. If they can decide to die for their country, they can sure as hell move about a ship on their own with no curfew.

  36. The only reason the drinking age was set to 21 was to keep alcohol out of schools. There is no such justification for restricting the rights of ADULTS, over the age of 18, for wandering about a cruise ship.

  37. Might want to suggest a pre launching package for people traveling with children under 21. Maybe some rules of conduct and limiting liability if their children cause harm to themselves or others; ultimately removing them from the ship.

  38. I have been on cruisers and used the babysitter services and their activities all ended at 11pm. Activities in the evenings were all indoors and the first thing they highlighted was maintaining a safe and appropriate environment. Once children were over 11yrs.old they could sign themselves out. The video show an accompanying older person taking the video. They even show the parent’s room. Placing a net across the whole pool might have worked but there were others still in that pool. Hard spot for cruise line. All types of families and couples trying to have a good time. Keeping an adult only pool area open til 1am would be enough.

  39. So your theory is that it is the responsibility of the cruise line to idiot proof all areas of the ship 24/7 so that parents don’t have to be responsible for their own children? The cruise line did not “create an environment where this could happen.” LIFE creates an environment where things can happen. You can’t expect the world to be child proof or idiot proof. You can’t expect any place to “police” all areas just in case a kid decides to be stupid. That’s why it’s the parents’ responsibility to teach their children right from wrong, and to monitor them. I shouldn’t have to pay higher cruise fares due to extra staffing for irresponsible parents and children.

  40. I unfortunately do not agree that showing this type of recording actually accomplishes something good. Our society is so quick to show the “bad” things that people do, and not show the “good” things. I find it disgusting that there are parents out in this world, who feel that their children can do whatever they want and are oblivious to what their children do on a cruise ship. These parents tend to feel that the cruise ship staff are there to watch their kids. Well, I do not believe it is up to the cruise staff to be the disciplinarians of other people’s children. I sincerely hope that the cruise line went after this family and taught them that this is what your children did and there are consequences to their behaviour. I assume that had the young man who jumped from the railing into the pool had been hurt, that the cruise line would have been the bearer of a very hefty law suit, even though the parents didn’t know what their children were up to. So, I would rather not see posts like this, as kids are so easily swayed that another kid thinks that he could do the same thing and does it, but gets hurt. As well, I do not call activities “controversial”. It clearly stated no diving but the boy did it anyway and it wasn’t that he didn’t understand English as his English in the tape was good. He was just fortunate that he didn’t hurt himself or the other people who were in the pool. I started cruises in 1966 with Home LInes of of New York and have been on 43 cruises. I truly dislike the big ships today and prefer that the passenger total be under 1200. Plus, having found on many of my latest cruises that there are just too many parents who do not look after their children that it has turned me right off of cruising. The lines that I would like to travel on, unfortunately, are to rich for me and I cannot afford to go on one, where I’d find very few children. I love kids, as long as they are respectful to their own peers and to adults. This type of child is a pleasure to be with, but unfortunately, too many children’s parents, really couldn’t care less what they do on this “family” cruise.

  41. If we believe in your theory, the cruise lines should also place a “guard” every few feet along every balcony, since it is possible to climb over the railings and jump off. If it’s their responsibility to idiot proof or guard all bridges indoors, then I guess they’re also responsible to guard every foot of every balcony. In fact, maybe they should just put a glass dome over all of the ships and not have any open air. After all, it could be dangerous.

  42. Yep, that’s exactly the same. The ocean is one giant pool, filled with passengers.

  43. How about putting the family off the ship? IMHO, they just caused the ship a big liability and a law suit if that kid got killed or injured. Might send the message to everyone, that the cruise line takes this stuff seriously.

  44. While I agree with your premise, my first thought was either a large piece of Plexiglas attached to the handrail, or….a motion camera that will go off if someone starts to climb, with the message that the offending person sees a need to jump, they, along with a parent will be put off at the next port, and the child will be banned until they were 18. They protect bridges with various protection, this isn’t much different. Another option would be for a turnstyle that each person needs to use their keycard to get through, and kids under 18 would not be able to get through. Personally, I would prefer to have entire decks child free……..

  45. Yes, to a point. The ship is a private venue, so they have the right to make whatever rules they want . We know parents who bring their kids and then just load $30. a day on their card and only see them at dinner. I read all the cruise pages, this goes for many of the parents, unfortunately. I try to plan my trips for late May and Sept/Oct, when the kids are mostly in school.

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