How to get from NYC Airport to Cruise Terminal

Traveling from a NYC airport to the cruise terminal can be an overwhelming thought, especially if you’ve never been to Manhattan. But it’s not as hard as you may think.

Over the years, I have frequently traveled to the terminal and discovered the easiest options for traveling from JFK, LaGuardia Airport, or Newark Airport to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal (Pier 88). I will share these options with you.


A cruise line transfer will run you about $30 per person from JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark.

If you plan on traveling from the airport to the cruise port in NYC, the rates can vary between $50-$75 per trip (before tip), according to the NYC Taxi Fare Calculator. Although Uber and Lyft seem like cheaper alternatives, they are almost as expensive as taking a cab to the city.

Manhattan Cruise Terminal address: 711 12th Ave, New York, NY 10019

JFK Airport to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

nyc airport to cruise terminal
  • Cruise line transfer: $40 each way
  • Estimated taxi fare: $80 flat rate each way, plus tolls
  • Subway (with AirTrain transfer): $10.75 per person. You can find detailed instructions on how to get to the Manhatten Cruise Terminal.

The most convenient way to travel from JFK to Midtown is by taxi. The ride usually takes around an hour, which may vary based on the traffic. The fare for a taxi ride is a flat rate of $80. However, there may be additional charges for tolls and surcharges.

If you have a lot of luggage, taking a taxi is a better option.

Alternatively, you can take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, and from there, you can switch to the subway or a Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) train. The total travel time for this option is approximately an hour and a half, and it will cost you $13.25 for the AirTrain and $10.75 for the subway or LIRR.

Remember that if you have heavy luggage, it may be difficult to carry it around while using the subway or LIRR, so taking a taxi or ride-share service might be a better choice.

LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

  • Cruise line transfer: $40 each way
  • Estimated taxi fare: $50 each way
  • Subway (with bus transfer): $7 per person

My thoughts: The most popular way to get from LGA to Midtown is by taxi, which will take around 30-45 minutes, depending on traffic. I highly recommend this if you have a lot of bags.

Newark International Airport to Manhattan Cruise Terminal

  • Cruise line transfer: $40 each way
  • Estimated taxi fare: $60 each way
  • Metro line (NJ Transit to subway): $15.00 per person

Tips for navigating NYC airports into Midtown

  • Plan ahead: Make sure to allocate enough time for travel to the airport and your destination in Midtown.
  • Check traffic conditions: Traffic in New York City can be heavy, so it’s important to check traffic conditions before leaving the airport.
  • Be aware of your surroundings: When traveling in NYC, keep your belongings close and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Ask for help if you need it: If you find yourself lost or need assistance, do not hesitate to ask a police officer or an airport information representative for help.

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