Norwegian Offers Reduced Deposits on All Sailings

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When we think of sales revolving around reduced deposits, we usually think of Carnival. After all, Carnival’s regular cruisers know that several times a year, the line is likely to offer up the popular promotion. But this time around, it is Norwegian Cruise Line running a $50 deposit offer.

The Details

In politics, an “October surprise” is a very bad thing, usually involving a potentially damaging bit of information coming out about a candidate as an election draws near. But Norwegian’s unexpected announcement of the month-long $50 deposit sale is exactly the kind of surprise cruisers love.

According to Norwegian’s website, the offer extends to “all sailings, fleetwide.” Of course, conditions apply. In this case, sailings must be booked either 75 days in advance (for sailings of less than 7 days) or 90 days in advance (on sailings of 7 or more days). Also, the offer is not valid for The Haven or suite stateroom categories. It’s also worth noting that the deposit is $50 per person, not per cabin.

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