Someone’s Scamming Cruise Line Employees!

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It looks as if those folks who have the gratuities removed from their bill claiming they’ll tip individually when they have no intention of actually doing so aren’t the only ones out to rip off the folks who work so hard to make our vacations awesome!
The Bahamas Department of Labor has issued a warning to residents seeking cruise line jobs over the internet. The official statement indicated that “a listing of job vacancies for the Costa Cruise Line Australia is possibly an Internet hoax,” urging the public to beware.
It went on to offer the common sense advice that should be followed by anyone responding to any form of Internet ad, “persons should not forward any money if asked to do so,” adding that “persons should not tender their resignations in pursuit of any vacancy being offered” by the ad. Apparently, the government has had reports of people quitting their jobs in order to take “better” positions which did not actually exist.

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