Guy’s Burger Joint: 1,000’s of burgers served + menu

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Guy's signature 'The Ringer' humburger at Guy's Burger Joint on Carnival Liberty. A must do on Carnival Cruise Line’s new Fun Ship 2.0 roll-out is eat at their new burger venue, Guy’s Burger Joint. Earlier this year Carnival teamed up with popular TV Chef and personality Guy Fieri to create this one-of-a-kind burger joint at sea.

The venue is located pool side and represents an iconic seaside cafe in California.

Other cruise lines have burger joints but what makes Guy’s Burger Joint so unique is the fact that there’s no charge and the partnership with Guy Fieri, he created these burgers just for Carnival.

So what can you expect on the menu?

Five unique hamburgers created by Guy, himself:

Plain Jane – a normal burger where you design you own at the their extensive topping bar.

The Ringer – a burger topped with super melty cheese, Guy’s signature bourbon and brown sugar BBQ sauce, and an onion ring.

Chilius Maximus – lots of cheese, chili, an onion ring, and Guy’s Donkey Sauce (a sweet mayo based sauce).

Pig Patty – if you love bacon this is for you! A burger topped with super melty cheese along with another patty made out of nothing but bacon.

Straight up – a 80/20 beef mix with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle and topped of with Guy’s signature Donkey Sauce.

Along with the burger bar is an topping bar that has sauteed onions, mushrooms, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and a variety of sauces, both sweet and hot.

Guy’s Burger Joint also serves fresh, hand-cut French fries with special seasonings.

You can hear the interview with Guy Fieri on our episode we did from NYC at the Fun Ship 2.0 announcement.

Currently just on Carnival Liberty, Guy’s Burger Joint will be made available on three more Carnival ships next year with the Fun Ship 2.0 program: Carnival Conquest, Carnival Breeze, and Carnival Glory.

Source: Doug Parker/ Cruise Radio

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  1. Whaletailjunky says

    Just got off Liberty Eastern 7 day all I can say is WOW 2.0 is amazing I too am now
    totally addicted to Guy’s burgers. Closest I can find ashore is 5-guys. If you go to the latter
    bring seasoned salt, it’s what sets Guys WAY above the crowd. And there’s NEVER a crowd
    not only did he invent magnificent products (fries tie for yummies with the burgers) but the choreography of the place is so simple I never found a wait more than two folks deep. First time in 13 cruises dating back to Mardi Gras that I too never ate a slice of Pizza or did Lido Restaurant for lunch. CUDOS LIBERTY.
    My advice book soon and often this ship’s a WINNER!

  2. Catherine Robey says

    Just got back from the Liberty, and seriously, I’ve never had a better burger. I think I had four of them through the week. We skipped eating in Puerto Rico and went back to the boat…they’re that good.

  3. debbie accomando says

    Any future plans to add Guy’s burger joints to any other ships in the Carnival Fleet ?


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