7 Reasons to Follow Carnival’s John Heald on Facebook

If you’re like us, you probably spend a lot of time on Facebook. Not during work hours, of course. We would never do such a thing… if the boss was watching over our shoulder. So if there’s one person on Facebook (aside from Cruise Radio, of course) we’d recommend following, it has to be Carnival Cruise Line’s senior cruise director, John Heald. Why? To borrow a phrase, let us count the ways in which we love John!

1. He’s Funny as Heck

There’s nothing better than someone who knows how to not only make light of a situation, but who can laugh at themselves, too. When posting a video of himself and the line’s vice president, Adolfo Perez, enjoying the skyride on Vista, Heald dubbed the boss “far too good looking” and himself “some chubby chap!”

2. We Can All Learn from Him

Some of us – and we’re not naming names, but you know who you are – love nothing more than to complain. Heald has a knack for taking things that would push most people’s buttons and turning them into a humorous situation. For example, who hasn’t been stuck in a cabin next to a couple whose nighttime activities are… boisterous? Or, as Heald recently said in recounting his neighbor’s late-night encounter, “extremely loud rumpy pumpy!” He went on to say, “As Old MacDonald and his farm pounded away, I worried that it would go on all night, but I was lucky… he had Faster To The Fun!” Come on… how can you not love this guy?

3. He’s Got All the Answers

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the cruise industry who spends as much time dealing directly with the public and their questions as Heald. Better still, this is not some grumpy person at the customer service desk rolling their eyes at a question they’ve heard a million times. You can tell that Heald genuinely loves the passengers and wants to do his best to answer their questions.

4. He’s Well Connected

The affable fellow often informs his Facebook followers that he’ll soon be talking to “the beards,” meaning the higher-ups at the corporate offices. So when he solicits opinions – which he does almost daily – you know there’s someone actually listening.

5. He Posts a lot of “Cruise Porn”

Whether it’s pictures of the sunrise aboard Carnival Splendor, video of him exploring the buffet at lunch time, or snapshots of that evening’s menu, it’s impossible for those of us who eat, sleep, and breath cruising not to find a lot to love on Heald’s page! As an added bonus, he posts often, meaning pretty much every time you visit, you’ll find something new being discussed!

6. He Sometimes Offers Special Deals

Recently, Heald has begun offering followers of his Facebook page special deals. For example, he recently offered them the opportunity to get a $119 massage for only $99.

7. You Might See a Familiar Face

Have a friend cruising on a Carnival ship which has a RedFrog brewery? Each week, Heald’s page posts pictures of the winners of the “First In The RedFrog” contest… which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like! The first customers to arrive in the ship’s RedFrog pub get a free beer and their pictures posted for all to see!

Want to follow Heald? You’ll find his Facebook page here, and his blog here!

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