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5 Reasons to Pack Light on a Cruise



It’s true most of us tend to overpack when going on a cruise, but relax! There are many practical reasons to pack light and still have an awesome time at sea – here are five of them.

1. It Won’t Fit Under the Bed

photo credit: flickr/Prayitno

photo credit: flickr/Prayitno

The bigger the suitcase you bring on a cruise, the more likely it won’t fit well – or at all – under your bed. Most cabins (unless you book something bigger like a suite) won’t have much storage space for a suitcase. So pack as minimally and tightly as you can. There will be room for your clothes in the closet and in drawers, but be mindful of that space being limited as well, especially if you have kids in your cabin with you.

2. Less to Drag

photo credit: flickr/Matthew Paulson

photo credit: flickr/Matthew Paulson

When you’re headed to the pier to embark or heading off the ship to disembark, the less you have with you, the easier it will be. With customs and other processes to go through, don’t you want to have at least one hand free?

3. You Don’t Have to Check

photo credit: flickr/Christopher

photo credit: flickr/Christopher

If you pack super lightly (think one large backpack and maybe a small personal bag) there’s a good chance you won’t feel a need to check any bags at all.  Because of this, your bags will be with you all the time, so you won’t have to wait for them to show up outside your door on the first day.

This also will save you time when you’ve disembarked and are leaving the port. You won’t have to wait in the baggage claim for your bag to come around on the carousel.

4. Swim, Eat, Repeat

photo credit: flickr/Aikawa Ke

photo credit: flickr/Aikawa Ke

Cruises are for fun and for a vacation! There’s no need to wear much other than your bathing suit or a t-shirt and shorts for most of the day. This is a time to relax and let your worries be carried away with the wind.

How many things do you really need to bring?

5. It’s Not a Fashion Show

photo credit: flickr/Ian Mackenzie

photo credit: flickr/Ian Mackenzie

Going along with the comfort and relaxation factor of being on a cruise, you don’t have to dress to impress. Most people won’t be judging you for wearing your flip-flops all day, so don’t focus on it too much. With the exception of dinner in the dining room and formal nights, cruises are usually a pretty carefree event – so you can leave your diamonds and fur at home.

Are you a light or heavy packer?

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