6 Ways to Recreate Your Cruise at Home

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You know the feeling. You look at your countdown clock, and it says that you have a depressing number of days until your next cruise. You aren’t sure how you’re going to get through those long, ship-free days because, to put it in hashtag terms, #thestruggleisreal.

Well, we here at Cruise Radio feel your pain and have come up with a few suggestions as to how you can recreate a little of that on-a-cruise magic without ever leaving your home. It’s no substitute for booking yet another trip, but on the plus side, there’s no packing necessary!

1. Towels!

Have someone throw towels – preferably, branded with your favorite cruise line logo if you have them – on all the comfy chairs in the living room, then complain about “those dang chair hogs!”

2. Cocktails

Buy a tiki hut umbrella and set it up in the living room, then announce to the family that you are going to the private island for the day. Don’t allow anyone access without a wrist band, issued by you, unless it is someone bringing you a refreshing cocktail.

3. Formal Night

Declare that it’s formal night in the main (and only) dining room and refuse to let anyone in who is wearing shorts, tank tops or a swimsuit. Big bonus points if you can get someone else to actually prepare and serve the meal.

4. Off the Grid!

Go off the grid, putting your phone in airplane mode and only using it to play games which aren’t connected to Facebook. Tell people you don’t want to run up roaming charges.

5. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Take pictures of all your food, no matter how ordinary, and then post them on Instagram with a caption indicating it is the most exciting thing ever. Remember, the more exclamation points, the better. Example: “ice cream!!!!!!!!!”

6. Create a Daily Program

Print out your chore list, interspersing activities like “martini tasting” and “salsa lessons” in between your more mundane household duties so that it looks like a cruise line daily program. Make sure to indicate what the drink of the day is, and reward yourself with one after scrubbing the toilet.

Any tips for your fellow cruise addicts who are suffering withdrawal symptoms? Share them in the comments!

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