7 Fun Uses For Your Cruise Card

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Just because you get home, unpack and get back to your day-to-day routine doesn’t mean that your cruise has to be a distant memory.  There are many ways to remember your cruise and one of them is with your cruise card. Here are seven creative ways to use your cruise card post cruise.

1. Make it a Luggage Tag

Before you get off the ship ask a member of the guest relations team to punch a hole in your card. This way you can run string, a zip tie, or a plastic fastener through it and put it on your luggage. Since your cruise is over, there isn’t any sensitive information on the card that isn’t on your luggage tag already.

2. Make a Cool Magnet

This one requires hot glue or super glue and a set of magnets. Flip the card over and glue a magnet or two on the back. Want there to be less work involved? Buy some business card magnets and stick them to the back of you sign and sail card. Boom, now you

3. Scrapbook It

For you scrap bookers out there, this is the perfect chance for you to kick off the cover or start a new chapter of your cruise scrap book.  Not only can you include photos, but also your sign and sail card.  It’s a perfect, tangible way to remember your cruise vacation.

4. Give it to Your Kids

This idea came from my friend who gave his niece his cruise card and told her it was her first grocery store card. He has a fake grocery store set up and his niece gives him her new little card every time she wanted to buy something. It’s adorable.

5. Frame It

I’m not talking about a normal run of the mill picture frame to stick on the wall. Create a unique shadow box that you can pick up online or the local craft store.

One of the coolest ideas I saw was someone had was a picture clock. There was 12 cruise cards in a big circle on their wall and a clock hand in the middle. You can pick up a picture clock for under $20 on Amazon. Plus, you’ll always be on ship’s time!

6. Ice Scraper

If you live in South Florida this may not apply, but for the rest of the country, use your cruise card as an ice scraper on icy mornings.  You should have a real ice scraper, but if somehow you forget, your cruise card will work and you won’t have to risk ruining your credit card.

7. Use at Dinner Parties

This one will require some work on your end and maybe some sneakiness of your guests’ family members, but if you’re having a get together with your cruise friends, get the cruise cards and put them at their place around the table. You can even add their table number for fun.

These are just a few uses for your cruise card on your next sailing. I’d love to hear what you’ve done with yours.

Feature photo credit: tammileetips.com

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