7 Must See Titanic Memorials in NYC

With so many cruise ships offering passage to and from New York City now, more cruise passengers are getting a chance to explore one of the greatest cities in the world before or after a cruise. It’s also incredibly easy to store your bags in New York City and then grab them before you leave town.

There’s an unlimited number of things to see and do in New York, but did you know you can visit places that honor the history of one of the most famous cruise liners in history? While the Titanic lies on the bottom of the Atlantic, many traces of her tragic story lie in various places in New York City. With a metro card and good walking shoes, you can still see the history and impact of the doomed ship today.

Pier 59

Pier 59
Pier 59 where Titanic would have docked.

Today it’s a driving range and part of the Pier 59 multimedia studio complex at Chelsea Piers. In 1912, it was where Titanic would have docked on her maiden voyage. You can still see the remains of the old White Star dock sticking up in the river.

Pier 54

The old White Star Line pier in Chelsea.
The old White Star Line pier in Chelsea.

A few blocks down from Pier 59 is the pier where the Carpathia arrived in New York carrying the survivors of the Titanic. While the pier is gone, the gate still stands and you can make out both White Star Line and Cunard in the faint lettering.

The Jane Hotel

Jane Hotel
Jane Hotel where surviving crew members stayed.

Just down the street from Pier 54 is the Jane Hotel. After the Titanic arrived in New York, the surviving crew members were housed here. Opening in 1908 as a sailors’ lodging, this West Village hotel was completely restored in 2008. The cabin-like rooms are still available today (and it’s still quite a charming hotel) and there’s a memorial and fountain to the Titanic in the hotel lobby, but sadly, it’s worn with age and can no longer be read.

Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Shrine of St. Anne.
Shrine of St. Anne.

Across the street from the Wireless Operator’s Memorial in Battery Park is the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish. In 1912, it was Our Lady of the Rosary Mission and the home of women from steerage class on the Titanic.

Titanic Memorial Park


Just across the street from the South Street Seaport, mixed in with the hipster shops and restaurants, you’ll find the main NYC memorial to Titanic in the Titanic Memorial Park. This lighthouse-inspired monument was originally on top of the Seaman’s Church Institute of New York and New Jersey, but was placed in the park in 1976. You’ll find a plaque on the lighthouse honoring those lost in the disaster.


Wireless Operators Memorial


Located in Battery Park, this memorial doesn’t just honor the Titanic, but all wireless operators lost at sea. You’ll find the name of Jack Phillips, who stayed in the wireless room sending messages seeking help until the very end.

White Star Offices

White Star Line office where a Subway now sits.
White Star Line office where a Subway now sits.

A few short steps from Battery Park, you’ll find the NYC offices of both the White Star Line and Cunard. It was on these steps is 1912 that people waited for news from the company about their loved ones onboard. Today, it’s a Subway restaurant.

Here’s a quick glance at the highlights of the Titanic tour:

  • Pier 59 (59 Chelsea Piers #2, New York, NY 10011 – near 18th street)
  • Pier 54 (West Street and 13th Street, New York, NY 10014)
  • Jane Hotel (113 Jane St, New York, NY 10014)
  • Titanic Memorial Park (across the street from South Street Seaport)
  • Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish (7 State Street)
  • Battery Park (the Wireless Operator’s Memorial is just across the street from the Shrine of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish)
  • White Star and Cunard Offices (25 Broadway)


Photo credit: Sarah Phillips/Featured photo: wiki creative commons

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