7 Reasons to Dine in Carnival’s Steakhouse

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Carnival’s recent announcement that its steakhouse will offer a kids menu at a reduced price of $10 has many cruisers divided, with some angered and some rather apathetic. However, wherever you stand on the issue, Carnival’s steakhouse is a must-try experience, and here are 7 reasons why you should make a reservation.

1. Top-notch food

Although it’s just 1 of the 7 reasons to book a steakhouse reservation, the food of course is the absolute star of the show. If you’ve never dined in a Carnival steakhouse before and can spare the time, Carnival offers a cooking demonstration in the steakhouse, typically on the first sea day, that is completely free. The chef will demonstrate how to cook some steakhouse favorites like baby leaf spinach salad with blue cheese dressing, broiled free-range chicken, and tiramisu. Not only does the steakhouse staff serve tasters so that you can get a taste of what the steakhouse offers, but you also leave with a copy of the recipes. If you’re already booked on the steakhouse but are curious about the food, the menu is available online through Carnival’s website. The steakhouse offers a mouth-watering selection of starters, salads, and steak and seafood entree options as well as a handful of divine desserts.

2. Worth the price

The price to dine at the steakhouse on any Carnival ship is $42 each for adults and – as was recently announced – $13 each for kids age 12 and under. The $42 is one of the lowest prices in the industry and proves well worth it once you taste the extensive menu of the higher-grade cuts of steak as well as the lobster tail and fish fillet options. The multi-course meal, extra attentive service, higher-grade meats, and intimate, quieter atmosphere all contribute to making the steakhouse experience well worth the extra surcharge.

Note: The price went from $38 to $42 per person in May 2022.

3. Free or 50% off wine

One fun tip that many cruisers miss while reading their Fun Times is that you can get a free bottle of wine or 50% off a bottle of wine of your choice when you dine in the steakhouse on the first night of your Carnival cruise or on the first elegant night. Cheers to that!

4. Romantic getaway

A cruise ship’s steakhouse offers an intimate setting, as it’s set up like a small restaurant as opposed to the ship’s main dining rooms, which you have to share with hundreds of other cruisers and their wait staff. Because of this, the steakhouse is therefore a quiet, romantic retreat for cruise couples looking for a dinner with a touch more elegance, personal attention, and peace and quiet than what can be found elsewhere on the ship.

5. Special occasions

If you’re celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, engagement, etc., let the steakhouse staff know when you book your reservation and they will make your experience even more special. Not only will you be treated to an extra dessert, but they will also toast you with a glass of champagne each.

6. Easy online booking

Booking a steakhouse reservation is as easy as clicking a few buttons. If you have a travel agent you can ask them to do it, or you can log in to your online Carnival account, and once you’ve added your cruise with your booking number, you can book the steakhouse reservation by going to “Specialty Dining Reservations” under “My Cruise Manager.” Just pick the date and time that you want to go, enter how many cruisers will be joining, and let the staff know of any special occasions to celebrate and also of any food allergies.

7. Full-service bar

With everyone so anxious to get in and get seated at their table, many cruisers overlook the fact that almost every steakhouse has its own full-service bar with seating, where you can hang out before or after dinner. Because the bar is secluded in the steakhouse, you won’t have to fight for a seat or flag down the bartender for another drink; you can enjoy your beverages with your bartender right in front of you in a more quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

You can see the menu for the Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse here.

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