7 Ways a Cruise Spoils You

Spoiled rotten. That’s how I felt on my first cruise and when it ended, I experienced a dark, cold crash back into reality. I knew I needed to sail again – and soon! The experience was like no other vacation I’d ever been on and I’d never felt so ‘spoiled’ on vacation.

7 ways a cruise spoils you rotten:

1. Amazing Views

At any point on your cruise, you pretty much have an amazing view of the world from somewhere on the ship. Whether you’re up early to see the sign rise over the horizon or out late to watch it dip back into the ocean, the scenery is stunning. And maybe, it’s just me, but I love seeing how blue, deep and expansive the ocean really is. Think about the views you’ll find in your ports too. Docking in St. Thomas is like being in a post card. Sailing through the canals of Venice gives you a unique bird’s eye view of one of Europe’s oldest cities. Depending on where you sail, you might even catch a glimpse of a volcano erupting into the night sky!

2. No Cleaning, Cooking or Chores

This might be one of my favorite ways to be spoiled on a ship. A room steward cleans my room twice a day – and leaves chocolate on my pillow every night! I don’t have to wash a single dish. I don’t have to do laundry and I can even get an entire bag of it washed, folded and delivered to my room. No worries or questions from the family about what I’m fixing for dinner or making a last minute run to the grocery store. The waiters remember who wants water and who wants iced tea with dinner. I’m so spoiled by the service, I’m still trying to figure out how to get a room steward for my apartment!

3. Spa Treatments

Nothing says spoil me quite like a spa treatment! While I didn’t get one on my first cruise, I have enjoyed this pampering place many times since then. You’ll find your traditional spa treatments – massage, facials, and pedicures – but you’ll also find new and innovative treatment not yet available at home. You’ll also never match the view from your spa room – watching other ships sail by, dolphins jumping in the waves or even a view of your port. You can’t quite match the gentle rocking of the ship either while you’re enjoying a spa treatment.

4. Food

Why is food such an experience on a cruise ship? So, so many reasons. It’s delicious for starters. You can try new things with little to no risk. Want to try a new fish and then you end up hating it? You can order another entrée at no cost. Want to experience world class dining? Want to try new cuisines and different foods? Want to learn more about wine and food pairings? Or do you just want a good burger and fries? I’m personally a fan of the 24-hour ice cream options as vanilla soft serve tastes even better at 2 AM. And my mouth is watering just thinking about Carnival’s Grand Marnier soufflé. Now, please excuse me while I book a cruise just to get my eating on!

5. Something for Everyone

Cruise lines offer something for every single person. Kids activities, adults-only, family fun and more. You can also try new things and experience some of your favorites too! Carnival LIVE lets you see your favorite band and cruise at the same time. Disney has incredible theming for children’s areas including Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Disney’s Oceaneer Club and It’s A Small World Nursery. Holland America offers signature cooking classes. Norwegian offers Zumba classes. There’s no limit to what you can do on your cruise ship.

6. Bring the Destinations to You

I pretty much love all things cruising, but this one might top my list. The idea of unpacking just one time and then waking up in a new country or city every morning is just wonderful. On our Mediterranean cruise, when I went to bed, we left Italy around dinner time and the next morning, we were in Croatia. I love waking up and sliding back the curtains to see what the world looks like from my window today. After being on cruises, I know which countries and islands I’d like to spend more time exploring and which ones I’m ok just seeing on a cruise. But the best part of all of this, the cruise ship does all of the work of getting me to each of these destinations.

7. Sunshine

In all my days of cruising, I can count on one hand the number of times it’s rained all day during my vacation. Sunshine is an instant mood booster and stress reliever. We spend most of our lives inside, usually sitting at a desk. That’s why all the sunshine you get on your cruise feels like such a treat.

How does cruising spoil you? What’s your favorite way to be spoiled on a cruise ship? We’d love to get your thoughts!

Feature photo: Joe Tolley, CruiseHangout.com

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