7 Ways to Thank Your Cabin Steward

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It’s no surprise that the crew aboard a cruise ship works extremely hard to make sure all of their guests are having a wonderful vacation. This is especially true of the dedicated cabin stewards, who work day in and day out to ensure your stateroom looks tidy and sparkling clean.

Here are some ways to thank them for their hard work.

1. A Simple Hello

I’m guessing there are probably a lot of guests who don’t even say much to their cabin steward during their cruise unless they need something. Make it a point not to be that person; say hello every time you see your steward, ask how their day is going, or tell them thank you for doing such a great job.

2. Gift Card

If you know what stores are around the homeport/other ports on the ship’s usual route, see about buying a gift card for your steward.

A card for stores that sell more useful/personal care products would probably be best because crew members don’t have a lot of room in their cabins for extra possessions during their time at sea. (Think a drugstore, Walmart, or a clothing store.)

3. Ask What They Like (Buy it in Port)

If you want to personalize your thank-you even more, ask your steward what they like. It could be a favorite candy bar, favorite snack, something small that they’ve had their eye on but haven’t bought..anything.

Then, try to find it in one of your ports during the cruise and leave it in your room for them to find at the end of the voyage. (But make sure you leave a note so they know it’s theirs and not something you accidentally forgot!)

4. Cash

If there’s something that anyone can always use more of, it’s good old cash. Crew members know they’re doing a good job when their guests leave them nice tips.

5. Send a Note to the Hotel Director (Mention Steward’s Name)

Wouldn’t your day be brightened if you found out someone spoke to your boss about what a wonderful job you’re doing? The same exact thing applies to cabin stewards – and any crew member, really.

If your attendant is really impressing you during your cruise, consider letting the hotel director know what a great job their employee is doing.

6. Remember Their Name (for the Guest Survey)

When your cruise is over and you’re back home, chances are the cruise line will send you an email survey to complete so they know how your experience was.

When it comes time to add comments in addition to the questions, make sure to remember your cabin steward’s name so you can write what an awesome job they did.

7. Keep Your Cabin Clean

This isn’t as much an outright act of thankfulness for your steward as it is a simple courtesy to make their job easier. While no one expects you to keep your cabin magazine spread-worthy every day, do try to keep your room tidy.

This means no leaving dirty underwear on the floor, shaving cream all over the bathroom from a can that sprayed a little too easily, or personal hygiene products anywhere but where they belong: the garbage can.

If you make a 2-minute effort to tidy up before leaving your room, your steward will notice and be very thankful.

How do you thank your cabin steward? Let us know. 

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