9 Cruisers That Annoy Everyone

When you’re cruising, you are constantly surrounded by people; on the ship, in ports, and in your stateroom. People have different habits and sometimes we forget that we are sharing the ship and the adventure with thousands of other people.

Here is a list of nine annoying cruise guests:

1. The Line Skipper

Lines are inevitable on a cruise ship. They are found at the buffet, to get into shows, when checking out, and disembarking the ship. It’s frustrating to watch people come in as they please – butting in line. Have manners and respect for others and wait in line like everyone else.

2. The Elevator Jockey

People are always crowding on elevators waiting for the first door to open. Show manners and respect for others by kindly waiting in line for the elevators. When they do open, let the people leaving the elevators get off before rushing in to claim your spot.

3. The Unprepared

You find yourself going in and out of many security checkpoints on a ship. Be prepared by having your cards out and pockets empty so that we can all smoothly get on and off the ship and not be stuck waiting in a line while the unprepared guests digs through bags.

4. Chatty Kathy

These are the people that gather in groups on walkways or near staircases so that the rest of us can’t get by. Kindly move your party to the side so we can all move around the ship freely.

5. Uncontrolled kids

Cruises are meant for relaxing, and it can be hard to do when kids are left unattended playing in areas that are dangerous, crying and screaming in relaxing lounges, or splashing in the hot tubs. Kids are great and cruises are an awesome get away for family fun, but please respect others who might be trying to get away from the stress.

6. The Contaminator

I would like to think that only kids would be seen reaching their hands in the food at the buffets, but I have seen just as many adults do it. Nobody wants your germs. Please keep our hands out of the food and use utensils when serving yourself.

7. The Drunk

While drinking is a fun and often a social part of cruising, although they can sometimes be entertaining, no one likes to see the sloppy drunk who can’t handle their alcohol. Consequences that we all suffer from are vomit on the decks, rowdiness, and late night noise. Have fun but drink responsibly.

8. Deck Chair Hogs

Waking up to a beautiful day, only to find no place to lay out because lounge chairs are already covered with towels used by others to claim their spot? This is common on every cruise ship. Many cruise lines have now made a rule that basically says if you haven’t been spotted on your chair for 30 minutes, they have the right to remove your stuff so that others can use the chairs. We all need to share.

9. The Seat Saver

Shows can get crowded and we all want the best seats. Some go as far as laying across seats and putting items throughout the rows to reserve seats for friends and family, leaving the rest of us in the peanut gallery or split up.  Kindly be aware of this habit and at least make sure your whole party is showing up before claiming all these seats.

What type of cruise habits annoy you?

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