Norwegian Won’t Limit Shore Excursions for Guests

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Boutique cruise line Azamara has announced new health and safety protocols ahead of its return to service in August.

The line is implementing new health standards with the launch of its ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program, keeping guests’ safety and peace of mind as a top priority.

With the guidance of the Healthy Sail Panel — a joint effort between parent company Royal Caribbean Group and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings — travelers can expect advanced screening protocols when they return to cruising with Azamara. Of course, the cruise line will continue to evaluate these protocols and update them as time goes on.

azamara quest
Azamara Quest (Photo courtesy of Azamara)

“Since we suspended our sailings over a year ago, we’ve had time to develop a strong restart plan and build on our existing health and safety protocols to ensure peace of mind for guests and crew, especially when it comes to traveling within our new world,” said President of Azamara, Carol Cabezas.

“Cruising is one of the safest places to travel, which is attributed to all the enhanced protocols set in place, and we are extremely fortunate to be guided by the Healthy Sail Panel for a healthy return to service in Greece beginning on August 28, with five back-to-back Country-Intensive Voyages and one classic Mediterranean sailing.”

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Highlights of the new ‘Explore Well at Sea’ program include:

Testing & Screening

All passengers will be required to be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to sailing, in addition to providing a negative COVID-19 test result. Once onboard, free testing and medical evaluations will be available.

Air Filtration

With new HVAC filtration systems, indoor air on each Azamara ship will be comparable to the fresh air at sea. The advanced filtration systems will take in fresh sea air and move it through a two-stage filter, plus copper coils, to eliminate 99.99 percent of germs.

Cleaning Protocols

Advanced cleaning protocols and guidelines approved by the CDC and recommended by the Healthy Sail Panel will be followed. Every surface and space on the ships will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.

New standards include enhanced team member training, use of EPA-certified disinfectants, and techniques like electrostatic spraying.

Medical Capabilities

An enhanced medical facility will be on each Azamara vessel, complete with more equipment, a dedicated infectious control officer, and new isolation staterooms.

New agreements will be in place with local governments, hospitals, and transportation partners to ensure guests a safe return home.

For more information on Azamara’s new health and safety protocols, visit

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