Carnival Cruise Line’s Unique Problem: Bacon Shortages

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Because the industry can’t catch a break, Carnival Cruise Line this week announced that it is facing a bacon shortage and is taking unusual measures in order to deal with it.

“Don’t Worry, It’s Going to Be Back”

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Perhaps more than any other food, bacon tends to be a topic of debate amongst cruisers. In the past, tempers have flared when cruise lines have had crew members serving bacon (as opposed to letting people serve themselves), leading to accusations of rationing by the “bacon police.”

This time, however, the problem is very real.

“We purchase thousands and thousands of pieces of bacon every week,” explained Carnival’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald, in a video posted to his Facebook page, going on to say that the suppliers who service the cruise industry “are having some challenges sourcing bacon for our ships at this moment.”

As is his way, Heald quipped that the shortage “has nothing to do with the fact that I was recently on two ships and ate all the bacon.” As a result of the situation, he revealed that the cruise line would be moving “to an every-other-day schedule for bacon at the Lido buffet for this week.”

bacon shortage on carnival ships

Thus, he explained, “If you see a sign saying ‘Today, we’re not serving bacon’ don’t worry, it’s going to be back the next day.” He added that this shortage would not impact their ability to stock the buffet with other popular breakfast items such as ham and sausage.

No, They Won’t Begin Rationing

“We are not going to ration you and say you can only have one piece,” Heald made clear. “But if we serve it every day, we will have run out by the end of the week.”

No doubt knowing that some would be skeptical of the move, Heald did his best to shut down conspiracy theories before they could pop up. “We have no intentions of doing this permanently,” he declared. “This is not a cutback, this is just a genuine problem that we, as a company, are having.”

There have been other shortages that didn’t receive quite as much attention, such as Michelob Ultra and Crown Royal. “Please be patient with us,” Heald asked. “Don’t get mad. Don’t let one thing missing off a menu spoil your overall enjoyment of what is going to be a fantastic cruise.”

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