Carnival Reminds Cruisers VIFP Does NOT Include This Perk

Carnival Cruise Line is reminding guests that while they might be Very Important Fun People, that doesn’t mean they can do whatever they please, no matter what level they’ve reached in the VIFP loyalty program.

The line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald, reminded his many Facebook followers that even those who’ve earned (or purchased) the perk that allows them to drop off their bags upon boarding, it doesn’t mean they can then begin to settle in.

A room on a Carnival cruise with a bed and a mirror.
(Photo courtesy of Carnival)

Being able to drop off your bags immediately upon boarding is a perk offered to Platinum and Diamond members of the VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) program and is included for those who purchase Faster to the Fun.

It is a nice benefit to be able to drop off one’s bags to enjoy those early hours on board without having to lug them around.

But it comes with a caveat: Guests cannot remain in their cabins. Instead, they are asked to drop off their baggage and wait for the rooms to be ready, typically around 1:30 p.m.

Entering Your Stateroom Before 1:30 p.m.

(Photo courtesy Doug Parker)

In his Facebook post, Heald made what he called “my almost monthly reminder” to those who have earned or purchased the perk.

His post, read, in part:

“You can go directly to your cabin to drop off your carry-on bags. Please can you leave straight away. I’ve been dealing with five different guests who have all had some kind of confrontation with the crew regarding this.

Some have tried to have a shower, some have tried to unpack, and one gentleman literally decided to show his loyalty card very close up to the housekeeping staff demanding she leave the cabin, which was yet to be prepared because he needed to take a nap.”

He ended with, “Thank you, I am asking you this on behalf of the crew who are doing everything they can to make sure that the room is ready to the very highest of standards.”

Why aren’t the cruise cabins ready when I board?

Four different pictures of a suite in Carnival cruise rooms.

Some cruisers seem to forget that their embarkation day is also the debarkation day for those who sailed the previous voyage. This means that the cabin stewards have only a few hours to clean, refresh and prepare the staterooms so that they are ready for the next guests.

Unlike a hotel, in which guests come and go daily, the entirety of the ship needs to be emptied and cleaned before the next group of passengers can begin making themselves at home.

A hallway in a carnival cruise ship with a picture of the ocean.
(Photo courtesy of Doug Parker)

During this time, the stewards clean the room by changing the bedding and towels, sanitizing all surfaces, scrubbing the bathroom, and vacuuming the floor.

For reference, a Fantasy-class ship has 1,000 cabins, while the Excel-class vessels have 2,222 cabins to clean during what is known as the “turnover day.”

The fact that the crew members can do so by mid-afternoon is downright remarkable.

Some guests mistakenly assume that their staterooms are ready for them upon boarding, while others who have received the drop-and-go perk believe they are exempt from the policy requiring guests to wait for the announcement that the staterooms are ready.

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