Carnival Vista Loses Power Mid-Cruise

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Days before Carnival Vista was scheduled to undergo a drydock, the ship was stricken by a power failure on Tuesday night.

As the crew raced to repair the damage — which briefly left much of the vessel without lights or air conditioning — Carnival Cruise Line’s Brand Ambassador, John Heald kept everyone informed on exactly what was happening on board the ship.

How The Power Outage Impacted The Ship

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Photo via John Heald Facebook

Heald, who happened to be on board the ship when the incident took place, broke the news via his Facebook page Tuesday evening. “So, just wanted to keep you informed”, he told followers, “At the moment, [Carnival Vista] has lost some of the power from the midship to the forward section of the vessel. This means we have no lighting and the elevators and air-conditioning systems are at the moment not working, but we have confirmed nobody is inside the elevators.”

For some aboard the ship, life went on uninterrupted. “The Punchliner Comedy Club is in full flow as we have power at the aft quarter of the ship”, Heald said, “The ship has navigation control and so it’s totally safe. The engineers are working very hard to restore full power and of course, the captain(cruise director Matt Mitcham) and myself are making constant announcements to keep everybody informed and the mood around the ship is one of understanding.”

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Later in the evening, Heald returned to post another update on his Facebook page. “The engineers are slowly restoring the power and we should have full service back shortly.” He added that the air conditioning and lights were back across the ship. Soon after, he reported that in the aft dining room, people were “dancing on the tables and having a great time”, adding, “Only on Carnival!”

Carnival Vista departs Galveston on her inaugural cruise last fall.Before long, things seemed to settle back into their normal routine. “I am walking the ship,” Heald posted. “Everyone seems very CARNIVAL VISTA understanding. A few questions, and one lady asking for free drinks for the rest of the night. Ship is underway on her normal set course, and I am going to immerse myself in deodorant and get some food.”

Ever positive Heald signed off with, “Cheers and… really do wish you were here to see the spirit of the guests and the dedication and fun of the crew.” In a subsequent video, he again made sure to point out that nobody was actually trapped in the elevators by the incident.

In response to a claim in the comment section that there was a “huge line” of people “shouting and screaming” at the Guest Services desk, Heald broadcast live from the area to show there was actually one person in line(and a cheerful person at that).

What’s Next For Carnival Vista

04 BOKA Vanguard dry docking Carnival Vista along quayside copyright Boskalis

As we reported earlier today, once Vista disembarks her current passengers, she will be taken out of service for several weeks in order to repair the azipods which have been the root of her recent difficulties.

Because docking space is unavailable at the Grand Bahamas shipyard(thanks to the crane collapse which damaged a Royal Caribbean ship earlier this year), a unique “floating dry dock” will be used to facilitate the necessary repairs. If all goes as planned, the ship will be fully repaired and ready to welcome passengers again in time for the July 27th sailing.

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