Cat Smuggled on Cruise Finds New Home in Miami

Ovie the Cat finds home in Miami

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A feline stowaway had an epic journey across oceans recently after being smuggled aboard a cruise ship.

Ovie the cat was discreetly smuggled aboard in Hawaii and was eventually discovered by crew members on Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas when it reached Australian waters.

Ovie the Cat Ovation of the Seas

The cat’s presence was reported to New Zealand border officials, and Ovie was not permitted to leave the ship. At that point, the cat was facing euthanasia until a Guest Services team member stepped in to adopt the cat.

Cruise line chief explains what happened

Royal Caribbean International CEO Michael Bayley shared the tale on Facebook. The cruise line is still unclear exactly how the guest, who has not been named, managed to smuggle the cat aboard, Bayley wrote, but was pleased to report a happy ending to the story.

ovation of the seas sydney australia
Ovation of the Seas in Sydney (Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean)

In New Zealand, “Royal Caribbean worked with local authorities to see if the cat could be legally brought into the country. Unfortunately, due to federal regulations, this was not possible,” Bayley said.

After some time exploring an alternative to euthanasia, a “forever home” was found with a company employee in Miami. After quarantine, the brave feline was flown home and is now at its new home in South Florida.

Earlier this year, a burrowing owl landed on a Royal Caribbean ship. The owl managed to evade capture for two weeks and amused vacationers by perching on exit signs and railings, peeking through the plants in Central Park.

The owl was eventually captured during a quick turnaround between cruises, with the help of mist nets and a coordinated effort with the crew.

Both stories had a happy ending.

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